Are The Cowboys Firing Jason Garrett And Hiring Jason Witten?

Are The Cowboys Firing Jason Garrett And Hiring Jason Witten?

Are The Cowboys Firing Jason Garrett And Hiring Jason Witten?

Are the Cowboys firing Jason Garrett and hiring Jason Witten?

That is the likely scenario if Dallas does not go on a serious playoff run in 2019, according to NFL insider Dan Graziano.

Graziano appeared on ESPN’s Get Up this morning and suggested that if the Cowboys do not make some real noise after their hot start to the year, Garrett would likely get the boot.

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Who would the team replace him with if that were to happen?

Witten, apparently.

Graziano made sure to point out that owner Jerry Jones would love to keep Garrett in place, but that his performance would have to warrant it.

Adding a bit more intrigue to this whole situation is Jones’ reluctance to discuss a possible contract extension for Garrett right now.

When pressed on Garrett’s lame duck status during his weekly radio spot on 105.3 The Fan, Jones more or less ducked the question.

“I’m not ignoring your question, but I certainly wouldn’t want to respond in any way because that’s just not what we’d want to do relative to that area of our business,” he replied.

This comes on the heels of an incident in July of this year where Jones literally pretended not to hear a question about his lame duck head coach.

“What did you say? I really didn’t hear you. I really didn’t hear you. There’s a drill going on back over there,” Jones said at the time, before adding, “Next question.”

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Currently, Dallas is sitting pretty as the No. 1 team in the NFC East following an impressive 3-0 start to the year.

Of course, that hot start suddenly starts looking a little less impressive when you dig into the quality of competition that has been encountered up to this point.

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So far the Cowboys have beaten up on a New York Giants squad with Eli Manning as the quarterback, the hapless Washington Redskins who were just embarrassed on Monday Night Football and a Miami Dolphins team that looks like it belongs in the Pac-12.

We will likely get a better window into who Dallas really is over the next couple of months, when the squad takes on the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams.

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It will be interesting to see what Garrett’s record looks like when he is forced to face real competition.

All that being said, even if he loses to all of the aforementioned teams, the idea of Garrett being fired and replaced with Witten is absolutely hilarious.

If Witten were truly elevated to head coach after returning to the NFL only because he wet the bed so badly as a Monday Night Football analyst, it would be one of the greatest cases of failing upward of all time.

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You want to give Dallas the benefit of the doubt and say that they would go after someone like Lincoln Riley in the event of Garrett collapsing, but given Jerry Jones’ history who really knows.

Stay tuned, folks – the Cowboys should make for some great entertainment this year.

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