Why Shaq Threatened To Punch Scottie Pippen In The Esophagus

Why Shaq Threatened To Punch Scottie Pippen In The Esophagus

Scottie Pippen has been on quite the run over the past few months.

In a series of high-profile interviews he has discussed everything from his true beliefs regarding Michael Jordan, to how he feels about Larsa Pippen’s affairs, to why he isn’t a big fan of James Harden, to why he thinks the Golden State Warriors are a joke.

It has now gotten to the point where Shaquille O’Neal is stepping in.

Recently, O’Neal addressed the idea of Pippen saying he was better than Jordan. As far as he is concerned, the comment was never actually made. But if Pippen did ever actually make it, O’Neal would throat-punch him.

“He didn’t say that,” O’Neal stated. “He never said that. If that man say that in front of me, imma hit him right in his esophagus. Bro, do not finish that sentence. He’s trying to, well, I don’t wanna put words in his mouth, I think he’s trying to sell his book.”

To be fair, Pippen has made two general statements in regards to where he stands relative to Jordan.

The first was that he was a better teammate.

“I was a much better teammate than Michael ever was,” Pippen wrote in his book. “Ask anyone who played with the two of us. I was always there with a pat on the back or an encouraging word, especially after he put someone down for one reason or another. I helped the others to believe in and stop doubting themselves.”

Pippen also stated that he was as good of a player as Jordan – not better.

Clearly Pippen is now officially in a “give zero effs” zone, as evidenced by him making the case that LeBron James is the true GOAT and what he has said about his relationship with former teammate Dennis Rodman.

Hopefully he continues to be as entertaining as he has been for the past few months, but still somehow manages to evade getting throat-punched by O’Neal.

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