Scottie Pippen Gets Brutally Honest About Dennis Rodman Relationship (Video)

Scottie Pippen Gets Brutally Honest About Dennis Rodman Relationship (Video)

Scottie Pippen has proven in recent months that he isn’t afraid to call out past teammates, coaches and anyone who he feels has ever gotten on his bad side.

He did it with Michael Jordan.

He did it with Phil Jackson.

Heck, even Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden caught some shrapnel.

This led many to wonder: given his issues with Jordan and Jackson, how does Pippen feel about Dennis Rodman?

During a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Pippen opened up about the true nature of his relationship with his former teammate.

“For sure,” he said.

“I still hang with Dennis. I still enjoy Dennis today… As much as I did as a teammate. We kick it differently. We’re both older, we’re more professional now but we still enjoy seeing each other doing well and just communicating. That camaraderie grew strong when me and Dennis came together, he became a man, and I matured as a man. And today, we’re friends.”

Given how much beef Pippen has had recently with his ex-Chicago Bulls family, it’s a relief to hear things are all good between him and Rodman.

Interestingly enough, this news actually comes on the heels of Rodman getting brutally honest about his relationship with Jordan.

Pippen obviously has some axes to grind with various people from his past, but clearly Rodman isn’t one of them. The pair is a good today as it ever was.

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