Scottie Pippen Gets Brutally Honest About James Harden’s Skills

Scottie Pippen Gets Brutally Honest About James Harden’s Skills

NBA legend Scottie Pippen has been on an absolute warpath over the past year.

Through various interviews and his new book, Unguarded, the former Chicago Bulls forward has been going off on various basketball players both past and present.

One person in particular Pippen felt the need to weigh in on was Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden.

Pippen’s assessment of his play speaks for itself:

“Sometimes, when I watched Harden play for the Houston Rockets, bouncing the ball up and down, I felt as if my life were passing me by,” Pippen wrote (via “I wanted to shout at the TV, ‘For God’s sake, James, stop dribbling!’”

That said, Pippen does still believe Harden can help lead Brooklyn to a championship – if he gets in shape.

When pressed on whether the Nets would ultimately be unable to win a title without Kyrie Irving, Pippen offered this response:

“Not if James Harden gets in shape,” he said. “I’m not going to say that they can win without him. He definitely is a guy that can help them. But Kevin Durant right now is an unstoppable player, and we started to see this last year in the playoffs. If he continues on this kind of role and starts to utilize his team a little bit better, I think they can possibly win without him.”

Interestingly enough, back when Harden was still with Houston, Kobe Bryant famously predicted that they would never a win a title. Specifically due to Harden’s playing style.

“I’m not a fan of in terms of winning championships, I don’t think that style is ever going to win championships,” Bryant said of Harden’s style at the time.

Currently the Nets are 9-4 on the year and sit second in the Eastern Conference. Will Harden finally get that elusive first championship this season and prove all his doubters wrong? Time will tell.

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