Scottie Pippen Mocks, Dismisses Stephen Curry’s Warriors (Video)

Scottie Pippen Mocks, Dismisses Stephen Curry’s Warriors (Video)

NBA legend Scottie Pippen has been on an absolute warpath in recent weeks.

Nobody has been safe from his ire.

A few days back, Pippen did a far-reaching interview during which he discussed a number of topics.

One intriguing one that came up was Stephen Curry’s 73-win Golden State Warriors squad.

As it turns out, Pippen wasn’t particularly impressed with that unit.

“You can’t win 73 games and lose,” he said. “You can’t be considered the greatest team. You didn’t win a championship. It’s the team before you that did. They’re better than that team because they won a championship.”

This isn’t the first time Pippen has taken aim at the Warriors dynasty. He also did it in his book, Unguarded.

Big picture, Curry can’t take too much offense over what Pippen said. As mentioned, he has been going off on everyone as of late.

Michael Jordan has been on the receiving end of most of his ire, but others like James Harden have caught some shrapnel too. In reality, Pippen has only had nice things to say about one guy.

It’ll be interesting to see if Curry or any members of that Warriors square ultimately opt to respond to Pippen, or if they’ll be content simply sitting back and letting him yell at the clouds.

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