Scottie Pippen Reveals 1 Player He Wished He Played With (Video)

Scottie Pippen Reveals 1 Player He Wished He Played With (Video)

Scottie Pippen has been on a warpath as of late, calling out anyone and anything that might have slighted him in the recent past.

Former teammate Michael Jordan has received the majority of Pippen’s ire, but he is not alone.

Others have also caught some shrapnel.

That said, not all of Pippen’s commentary has been negative.

During a recent interview with GQ Sports, Pippen opened up about one player he never had the opportunity to play with – but wished he did.

“The one teammate that I wish I could’ve played with and I didn’t play with was Kobe Bryant,” he said.

Pippen went on to describe the way in which Bryant respected his playing style.

“Kobe really idolized the way I played the game, the way that I defended, and you know, a lot of it, he started to call me after I retired and to ask questions about different situations. How you would guard certain people? What kind of foot work would you do this? What would you do in this situation? Just picking your brain to enhance his ability out on the basketball court.

“You know, he was a great student of the game, and you know, he would ask me questions about how would I guard Michael in this situation, this and that. And just, you know, just trying to improve his craft.”

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks Pippen has weighed in on Bryant. He previously gave a very blunt assessment of the Los Angeles Lakers legend and what his ceiling as a player ultimately was.

It’s funny that even with all the hate Pippen has for Jordan and some of the other players he has encountered over his decades in basketball, he still has such a fondness for Bryant. He had far less flatting things to say about James Harden.

Pippen may be unhappy with a lot of things, but he has a deep admiration for how Bryant carried himself and played the game of basketball.

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