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Was A Married Alabama Coach Getting Too Close To A Cheerleader? (Video)

Was A Married Alabama Coach Getting Too Close To A Cheerleader? (Video)

Alabama defeated Georgia 41-24 on Saturday afternoon to claim the program’s seventh SEC championship in the last decade.

It was a dominant effort through and through, confirming that the Crimson Tide were still a force and leading to serious questions regarding the Bulldogs’ ability to win a National Championship this year.

All that being said, the most viral thing to occur in this one happened after the game.

Once the final seconds ticked off the clock, eagle-eyed fans spotted a seemingly bizarre scene unfolding.

A large number of people on the internet were under the impression that the gentleman at the center of that clip was Alabama defensive coordinator Pete Golding.

Given that Golding is married, with children, him getting weirdly close to a young cheerleader would be a bit bizarre.

Fortunately, the story ended up having a happy ending. The man in question was not Golding. It was actually Jake Long:

Long would later confirm that it was him:

Crisis averted.

Folks can’t be blamed for assuming the worst. In a 2021-22 college football season blighted for certain fans by an SEC reporter being criticized for her overly “exposing” clothing and deliberate bullying of team workers, this would’ve just been more par for the course.

Fortunately, all’s well that ends well.

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