Tiger Woods Undergoes Incredible Body Transformation (Photos)

Tiger Woods Undergoes Incredible Body Transformation (Photos)

Golf legend Tiger Woods was involved in brutal car accident earlier this year that could have cost him his life.

On Feb. 23 Woods was traveling down the road in Southern California when something occurred that caused him to go off the road and flip his vehicle. He ended up suffering multiple injuries as a result, including a shattered ankle and a compound fracture.

In the aftermath, various investigations into what precisely happened on that fateful day took a number of odd turns. The lack of concrete information regarding the accident – despite a video clip that reveals how Woods was driving right before the crash, the answer he gave cops after being saved, what police discovered in his car and the public knowledge of why he was in such a hurry – led to, among other things, accusations of a police cover-up.

Woods has yet to officially offer any meaningful details regarding his accident, but he is beginning to reemerge in the public eye.

As he made his return this week, folks noticed something interesting about Woods – he has undergone a noticeable body transformation.

In a recently published photo featuring Woods and Bryson DeChambeau, fans couldn’t help but marvel at how good the former’s body looked.

Obviously Woods has always been in shape, but size-wise he is now comparable to DeChambeau – who is pretty massive in his own right.


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In conversations with the media this week, Woods remained very cryptic regarding his accident. So much so, in fact, that he refused to give any additional details.

Obviously that only led to more conspiracy theories.

One way or another, the truth regarding Woods’ accident will probably emerge at some point. It’s impossible to keep things like this under wraps long term.

But for now, clearly the golf legend hopes to move on without having to talk about it.

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