Disturbing Bottle Found At Tiger Woods Crash Site

Disturbing Bottle Found At Tiger Woods Crash Site

Golf superstar Tiger Woods was involved in a violent single-vehicle accident in Southern California a little less than two months ago.

On February 23, his car went sailing off the road and rolled over. The wreck was so bad that Woods had to be taken out of his vehicle and rushed to emergency surgery.

The 45-year-old ended up suffering “comminuted open fractures,” which means that his tibia and fibula bones had broken and torn through the skin. On top of that, he also suffered more minor injuries to the ankle and foot.

This week a number of revelations were made about the accident itself.

One in particular stood out.

According to Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, a troubling discovery was made at the crash site by officials.

“The legendary golfer’s blood pressure also was ‘too low to administer any type of pain medication’ shortly after the crash,” the report noted.

“An empty pharmaceutical bottle was found in a backpack at the scene of the crash with no label or indication of what was inside it. According to data from the vehicle’s black-box recorder, Woods also was going in a straight line with no steering input detected until some slight steering movement registered late in the recorded crash sequence.”

That is not great.

Numerous experts have come out and almost unanimously agreed on what really happened that day. This week’s report essentially reaffirms that they were right.

In between the video that shows how Woods was driving right before the crash, the answer he gave police after being rescued, and the public knowledge of why he was in such a hurry that day, a telling image of what transpired has been painted.

Will there be any consequences beyond that physical pain that Woods has been forced to endure? Time will tell.

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