Tiger Woods’ Disturbing Response When Asked About Crash

Tiger Woods’ Disturbing Response When Asked About Crash

Golf icon Tiger Woods was involved in a violent single-car crash two weeks ago. He suffered a shattered right leg, which prompted doctors to insert a rod into his leg and place screws in his foot and ankle.

Unfortunately, despite all the scrutiny surrounding the event, Woods has not been able to give officials all that much information regarding what transpired in the lead-up to his accident.

This past week, USA Today obtained a copy of an affidavit for a search warrant to acquire the “black box” from Woods’ car. In the process, they discovered something pretty disturbing.

“Woods told sheriff’s deputies after crashing a car that he could not remember driving, and he did not know how the collision happened, according to an affidavit for a search warrant used to obtain the ‘black box’ of the vehicle Woods was driving Feb. 23,” the report noted. “Woods later said the same thing at the hospital, where he was treated for multiple leg injuries suffered during the crash.”

It was a known fact that Woods maintained he couldn’t remember what happened in the immediate lead-up to the accident. But the fact that he couldn’t even remember driving at all is terrifying.

There has been a ton of speculation regarding what caused the accident. Multiple experts believe they know what happened, but until the investigation is complete, there is no way of telling for certain if they’re right.

Footage has also emerged showing how Woods was driving right before the accident. That, coupled with the explanation for why he was in such hurry, paints a certain type of picture.

That said, until officials finish their investigation, it’s impossible to draw any definitive conclusions about what happened.

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