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Video Shows Nebraska Got Cheated Out Of Win vs Ohio State

Video Shows Nebraska Got Cheated Out Of Win vs Ohio State

Ohio State defeated Nebraska 26-17 on Saturday.

Unfortunately, the win did not come without controversy.

Late in the fourth quarter Nebraska was down six and had possession. On third down, quarterback Adrian Martinez attempted to get the ball to Omar Manning on a slant.

The ball ultimately sailed over Manning’s head and video later showed why. Ohio State defensive back Marcus Williamson played no small role, but not in a good way.

Had the appropriate call been made, Nebraska would have had a first down near midfield down 23-17. Instead, the Buckeyes got the ball and sealed the game.

Aside from occasional stories of an SEC reporter being severely criticized for her extremely “revealing” wardrobe and blatant bullying of team staff, awful refereeing has been the big story of the 2021-22 college football season thus far. It is a problem that has plagued every conference on a near-weekly basis and likely won’t go away any time soon.

At a certain point, something needs to be done about this. Poor officiating is genuinely messing with the integrity of the sport. If something isn’t done soon, the damage will become irreparable.

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  1. This is typical for an OSU game. Most all disputable calls are ruled in the Buckeyes favor. That’s one reason they are hard to beat. 11 players and a 4-5 man officiating crew. If you remember the. Interference call made against the Huskers early in the game? Tikky tacky at best. Buckeyes went on to score shortly there after. FBS wants them in the playoffs!! With Clemson not making the post season they will be sure the Buckeyes will. They will do anything to make sure they get in. They have them ranked ahead of the team that beat them. Watch now down the stretch. You ain’t seen nothing yet!!

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