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Urban Meyer’s Encounter With Young Woman Causes A Stir (Video)

Urban Meyer’s Encounter With Young Woman Causes A Stir (Video)

Urban Meyer’s encounter with a young woman caused something of a stir on the first Saturday of the new college football season.

This weekend Meyer was on hand, doing his usual TV broadcaster thing, to offer his thoughts on a batch of games that occurred over the prior 12 hours.

Nothing he said was particularly out of the ordinary, but he still found a way to land himself in the headlines.

Eagle-eyed viewers at home couldn’t help but notice Meyer’s encounter with a young woman during the broadcast.

Given Meyer’s unique history with young women and the ‘lurid’ text messages drama that somehow disappeared without anyone digging too deeply into it, this understandably went viral.

Fans at home had a lot of reactions.

In a weekend that saw a Colorado cheerleader’s leaked personal photos set the internet ablaze, it’s telling that Meyer still has this sort of capacity to steal the headlines.

Now obviously nobody knows who that woman was or why she was chatting to Meyer.

Everything is pure speculation. But it is also pretty telling that this became the sort of story it ultimately became. Meyer’s daughter usually has a lot to say about his various encounters with women, but so far she has been quiet on this one.

What other fun things will Meyer ultimately go viral for as the college football season progresses? Time will tell.

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