2 Barron Trump College Basketball Recruiting Frontrunners Emerge

2 Barron Trump College Basketball Recruiting Frontrunners Emerge

As college football season kicks off this weekend, some are already turning their attention to the looming college basketball season that is still several months away.

Specifically, some hoops enthusiasts are already eyeing the potential recruitment of former President Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump.

Of all the Trump children, the least is known about Barron. Pretty much the only publicly known facts out there regarding him are that he is 17 years old and six-foot-seven.

This week, odds emerged on where Barron could play college basketball in the foreseeable future.

Miami and St. John’s are the two clear frontrunners for Barron’s services.

From there a grouping of FSU, UConn and Michigan State round out the top five.

Beyond that the likes of Michigan, Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina round out the rest of the top nine.

Obviously a lot of pieces would have to align for Barron to actually play college ball in any of these places, but stranger things have certainly happened.

Reactions to Barron’s potential college basketball prospects trickled in slowly throughout the week.

In a week where the collegiate sports scene has seen a pair of Colorado cheerleaders’ wild photos go viral and a South Carolina fan’s overly-aggressive sign offend an entire nation, this isn’t even the strangest sports story around.

Of course, time will tell if Barron ultimately ends up suiting up for any of these schools.

If he does, though – he will make whatever institution he chooses to play for a must-watch attraction.

Will Barron become college basketball’s next big star at some point in the foreseeable future? Time will tell.

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Jennifer Withers Hoey

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