Tom Brady’s Brutally Honest Take On Colin Kaepernick

Tom Brady’s Brutally Honest Take On Colin Kaepernick

The Las Vegas Raiders stunned a lot of people in late May when they brought Colin Kaepernick in for a workout.

Suddenly, it seemed as though his NFL return prospects were being revived.

Kaepernick had been out of the league since 2016. While some of that was attributable to his objectively declining skillset, many also believed that his premature ousting from the NFL was partially based on his decision to publicly protest the National Anthem before games over racial injustice in the United States.

Through the years, a number of prominent NFL quarterbacks have spoken about Kaepernick’s status. Russell Wilson has done it. Aaron Rodgers has done it. And even the consensus GOAT, Tom Brady, has done it.

Over July 4th weekend, Brady’s prior comments regarding Kaepernick went viral online.

“I have no idea if he’s being blackballed,” Brady previous said, as transcribed by TMZ Sports. “I think he was a…I competed against him. I thought he was a damn good quarterback. And he’s played at a high level, brought his team to Super Bowls. You know…that’s how I feel about him.”

During a subsequent episode of CBS’s Sunday Morning, Brady then expressed further admiration for Kaepernick’s overall skills.

“I sure hope so,” Brady responded when asked if Kaepernick would ever play in the NFL again.

“I’ve always watched him and admired him, the way that he’s played. He was a great young quarterback. He came to our stadium and beat us, took his team to the Super Bowl in 2012. You know, he accomplished a lot in the pros as a player. He’s certainly qualified, and I hope he gets a shot.”

Clearly Kaepernick always maintained the respect of his peers, even when he wasn’t permitted to play.

At one point it seemed like the Raiders were legitimately giving Kaepernick a new lease on life in the NFL. Shortly after they worked him out, two new squads expressed interest in possibly doing something with him as well.

Unfortunately, not much materialized after that. And after weeks of silence, a fresh update on the matter revealed why.

In late June, specific details of Kaepernick’s workout leaked out. That too were quite illuminating.

At the moment, Kaepernick is being linked to three NFL teams regarding a possible return.

That said, it’s hard to see any of them actually pulling the trigger on him.

Too much time has passed.

Despite all the niceties expressed about him by the likes of Brady, Wilson and Rodgers – Kaepernick’s NFL career is likely over for good.

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