Tim Hardaway Sparks Outrage With Word Choice During Warriors Game

Tim Hardaway Sparks Outrage With Word Choice During Warriors Game

Tim Hardaway is one of the most notable Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat players of all time. He spent the entire first half of his career with the former, before spending the majority of the second half with the latter.

Of the 14 years Hardaway spent in the NBA, 12 were spent with either Golden State or Miami.

On Monday evening, Hardaway was invited into the broadcasting booth during the Warriors’ game against the San Antonio Spurs.

It didn’t go well.

In an apparent slip-up, Hardaway said this:

“I thought he was just raping them,” Hardaway said. “Somebody gotta call the police.”

Reactions poured in immediately:

Shortly thereafter, Hardaway apologized:

“Hey everybody, I used a poor choice of words earlier in the broadcast,” he said. “I want to apologize for that and let’s get back to the game and finish this off with a 30-point win and go home happy.”

Hardaway’s apology is unlikely to do him much good, though. It’s hard to see a scenario where he gets invited in to do too many segments going forward.

Big picture, this has been a crazy few weeks for the Warriors. Between Draymond Green identifying their Jordan Poole-related problem, the Klay Thompson benching drama and all the Kevin Durant trade talk – it has been on thing after another.

In some ways, this most recent brouhaha is just part for the course.

That said, at least Golden State was able to pull out a win on Monday.

Is this the beginning of the defending champs turning their season around?

An answer will emerge soon enough.

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