Draymond Green Weighs In On Warriors Trading For Kevin Durant

Draymond Green Weighs In On Warriors Trading For Kevin Durant

The Golden State Warriors have gotten off to an exceptionally slow start this season.

Despite coming into the year intent on defending their NBA championship, Golden State has struggled on both ends of the floor.

Coincidentally enough, Kevin Durant’s Brooklyn Nets find themselves in a similar boat.

That has led to speculation about whether a reunion of sorts between all sides might be in the cards.

Hilariously enough, the same conversation occurred earlier this summer when Durant demanded a trade the first time around.

During a recent podcast, Warriors star Draymond Green offered some insight into what occurred during the offseason when Durant was linked to his squad the first time around.

“The discussion was like, ‘Hey, if Kevin is available, do you go after it to bring him back?'” Green said. “My thing was, you can’t never not think about that.”

As far as Green is concerned, any time you have an opportunity to nab a player of that caliber – you grab it.

“You have to call, you just have to,” Green continued. “Because Kevin Durants don’t become available often, so you have to look at it.”

That said, Green was and continues to be of the impression that Durant is not a necessity for his Warriors. He views them as a title contender with or without him.

“But as far as whether we did it or not, if we do, great,” Green added. “That’s cool — we’ll beat the s–t out of everybody again.

“If we don’t, great. Because like I said before, we’re still going to win again.”

It will be interesting to see where everyone goes from here. The Nets have actually won two straight games ever since the albatrosses of Kyrie Irving and Steve Nash were removed from the equation. Maybe that’s all the franchise needed to recover.

As for the Warriors, there are some question marks there. The benching of Klay Thompson is a topic that has been talked about incessantly this week.

And then of course there was the summertime drama of Jordan Poole’s beef with multiple Warriors players. That, despite everyone’s attempts to tell a story to the contrary, remains unresolved.

The team has got some issues.

Fortunately, the NBA season is a long one.

Will the Warriors be able to get back on track? Will they make a serious play for Durant?

An answer to both questions should emerge soon enough.

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