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Texas Cheated Out Of Win Over Alabama By Refs (Video)

Texas Cheated Out Of Win Over Alabama By Refs (Video)

Alabama and Texas squared off on Saturday in a match-up that nobody was expecting to be particularly close.

Most odds makers had the Crimson Tide -21 heading into the outing, and for good reason. They are perennial championship contenders; the Longhorns find new ways to disappoint on an annual basis.

That said – Texas surprised a lot of people this weekend. Although they wound up losing 20-19, a lot of that had to do with absolutely awful officiating by the referees.

This face mask no-call was obviously egregious:

And fans were quick to point it out:

But nothing rose to the level of egregiousness of this call:

That one left viewers at home absolutely livid:

The refs then attempted to make it right:

But the tone was obviously set.

The referees were absolutely awful from start to finish.

Yes, they weren’t the only reason Texas lost. Steve Sarkisian kicking a field goal (and missing) instead of going for the go-ahead touchdown at halftime will no doubt haunt him all week.

And Quinn Ewers getting hurt obviously didn’t help.

That said – the refs played a pretty big role in blowing this.

College football has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past few weeks. Between young boys beating up frat dudes at games and the usual Urban Meyer drama, it has been one thing after another.

And this week’s bad officiating is just par for the course.

Will the refs get their acts together as the season progresses to avoid controversial showings like the one displayed on Saturday?

Time will tell.

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