Did Skip Bayless Kiss Lil Wayne’s Neck During Embrace (Video)

Did Skip Bayless Kiss Lil Wayne’s Neck During Embrace (Video)

Skip Bayless is one of the most famous sports broadcasters of his generation.

The professional provocateur is primarily known for three things at this point: his hatred of LeBron James, his unflappable boldness in presenting hot takes and his notable relationship with rapper Lil Wayne.

Bayless and Lil Wayne are so tight, in fact, that the latter often feeds the former inside information that only he is privy to.

This past week Lil Wayne appeared on Bayless’ Fox Sports ‘Undisputed’ debate show to offer his thoughts on various happenings. What really caught people’s attention, though, was the weird embrace between Bayless and Lil Wayne.

It largely speaks for itself:

Was that a really intimate hug? Did Bayless kiss Lil Wayne’s neck? Did both parties hold on a little too long?

Everyone had their own take on the moment:

In addition to that sequence, fans also couldn’t get enough of Bayless’ strong Los Angeles Lakers take to Lil Wayne.

“[Patrick Beverley] is a better player right now than Russell Westbrook,” Bayless said. “He just is.”

That caught Lil Wayne by surprise.

“What happened?” the ‘Carter’ rapper asked.

“He’s a 38% three-point shooter,” Bayless responded. “Russell Westbrook is the single worst three-point shooter in all of basketball. You’re living in the past if you think he’s better than Patrick right now.”

This isn’t the first time Bayless and Lil Wayne blew up online like this. A photo from not long ago featuring the rapper and Bayless’ wife also raised some eyebrows.

Big picture, obviously Bayless and Lil Wayne are good friends. There is no denying that.

But was their recent embrace also a little weird?

That is a decision everyone will need to make for themselves.

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