Lil Wayne Reveals Why Suns’ Monty Williams, Deandre Ayton Are Beefing

Lil Wayne Reveals Why Suns’ Monty Williams, Deandre Ayton Are Beefing

The Phoenix Suns were eliminated from the NBA playoffs on Sunday evening by the Dallas Mavericks. Given that this squad came into the postseason with championship aspirations, clearly the loss hurt.

What made things even worse, however, was precisely how Phoenix went out. Losing is bad. But this group fell behind early, was down by 40+ points at certain junctures of the game, and eventually they ended up losing Game 7 by 33 points.

Big yikes.

Among the lowlights for the Suns on Sunday was a weird beef that erupted between head coach Monty Williams and disgruntled big man Deandre Ayton.

Afterward, Williams confirmed that something between him and Ayton had gone awry.

On Monday, Fox Sports broadcaster Skip Bayless relayed what rapper Lil Wayne told him about the Williams-Ayton strife.

“From what our man Lil Wayne told me, he was sitting across [from the Suns bench], Monty got so upset with Ayton that he said, ‘You freaking quit on us.’ That led to an exchange where each Monty and Ayton had to be restrained from going at each other,” Bayless said.

Again – yikes.

Lil Wayne had a surprisingly prominent role in the Suns’ series with the Dallas Mavericks. It’s unclear as to why, though.

Time will tell if his presence will continue to be a thing in the NBA playoffs now that they have been eliminated.

The Suns have been taking a lot of Ls over the last 24 hours – and this was just the most recent one.

Will this franchise be able to regain some semblance of its self-respect back in the coming days, weeks and months?

Time will tell.

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