Terry Bradshaw Critiques Erin Andrews’ Outfit, Sparks Outrage (Photos)

Terry Bradshaw Critiques Erin Andrews’ Outfit, Sparks Outrage (Photos)

Fox NFL broadcaster Terry Bradshaw found himself in hot water this week after commenting on Erin Andrews’ choice of outfit during a recent interview.

Ahead of Thursday night’s battle between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles, Andrews sat down with linebacker Devin White.

As the pair’s conversation had a lot to do with horses, it took place within a horse stable.

Andrews wore cowboy boots and a jean-cowboy shirt for the occasion.

Following the interview, Bradshaw complimented Andrews on how good she looked in her outfit.

“You got your cowboy boots on and your shirt, you’re looking good, I enjoyed that interview,” Bradshaw said to her.

A segment of the internet did not take kindly to those words.

Some people even thought Bradshaw’s comments were deserving of him getting fired.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first wardrobe-related controversy to hit football this year. A few weeks back, an SEC reporter landed in hot water after some fans deemed her outfit inappropriate for the game she was covering.

That’s the world we are living in now.

This also isn’t the first time Andrews has landed in the headlines for how a man spoke to her. Something similar happened with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo not long ago. Andrews even had to issue a public response to the whole matter. Nothing ultimately came of it, of course.

Will Bradshaw be punished for his comments about Andrews? Does Andrews even care? An answer should emerge soon enough.

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  1. The idiots trying to make a major issue of TB’s light-hearted comments about EA’s cowgirl look are all lobotomized cancel culture bots. First of all, she wasn’t offended in the least. I’ll guarantee that she loves TB. When it gets to this point, you woke offended infantile wah-wah asswipes need to vacate the world. The rest of us or as we like to call ourselves “the majority” would like for you asswipes to vacate the world. Please go play in heavy traffic.

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