Suns Star Devin Booker’s Ex Kendall Jenner’s Outfit Causes A Stir

Suns Star Devin Booker’s Ex Kendall Jenner’s Outfit Causes A Stir

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker and his longtime girlfriend Kendall Jenner appear to be taking a break now, but the pair has been inextricably linked for a long time.

Because of that, even though Jenner is currently Booker’s ex, he is still linked to her various antics.

Case in point: an outfit she wore this week that caused quite the stir.

The attire in question largely speaks for itself:


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Fan reaction was largely what one would expect it to be, given the audiences that Booker and Jenner tend to attract.

“Jacket kinda looks like a ballsack,” one fan wrote.

“Not the ballsack jacket,” another agreed.

That said, Jenner doesn’t seem to be deterred by the negative feedback. She is a mainstay in the headlines, and that comes with its fair share of both highs and lows. Just last month she was accused of getting implants over some racy photos she showed off on social media.

Before that, she caused a stir with the man she chose to rebound with to get over Booker, her wild bath tub photos and her memorable vacation pictures.

She loves the fame, regardless of the positives and negatives that often accompany it.

Booker, meanwhile, seems to be doing just fine without the Kardashian drama that he has been dealing with for the past couple of years. He is going out and partying. He is competing for a championship. He is doing it up with attractive ladies in the club.

The man is living life.

Obviously Booker and Jenner were a fascinating couple just because of the rare balance of power both parties brought to their relationship.

You don’t often see two equals, a pair of titans in their respective fields, unite the way they did.

But obviously the relationship didn’t last.

It really wouldn’t be all that shocking to see Booker and Jenner reunite at some point. At the moment, though – it doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

To say that 2022 was a wild year for the pair would be an understatement. What 2023 holds for both remains to be seen.

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