Devin Booker’s GF Kendall Jenner Accused Of Getting Implants (Photos)

Devin Booker’s GF Kendall Jenner Accused Of Getting Implants (Photos)

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker and his supermodel girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, have had a busy summer.

Now, with the NBA regular season commencing, it doesn’t seem like the happy couple is going to get any sort of break from being in the public eye.

Recently, Jenner took to Instagram to post a seemingly innocent photo. Unfortunately, it had some unintended consequences.

Apparently fans are now under the impression that she went out and got implants.

Devin Booker’s GF Kendall Jenner Accused Of Getting Implants (Photos) 1

“Her risque new selfie came as fans can’t stop commenting that she secretly got a boob job,” The Sun reported this week. “Rumors have been swirling about Kendall potentially going under the knife for some time – the chatter has grown as she’s shown off her bust a lot lately.

“When she starred in a recent preview for The Kardashians, many were distracted by the model’s appearance. In a confessional, she donned a strappy orange top and appeared to be braless nearly spilling out of it, which got the internet talking about a possible boob job yet again.”

This was the top she wore in that confessional:

Folks can decide on their own whether there is any validity to the speculation.

Big picture, it will be interesting to see where Booker and Jenner go from here. The pair briefly split this summer, leading to images of the Suns guard partying it up with a ton of lovely ladies. But then, as randomly as they broke up, they got back together.

Photos would soon emerge of them getting very intimate on vacation together. Then came images of them on a night out.

All the visual evidence seemed to point to the same conclusion: Booker and Jenner were a couple again.

Not long after, chatter about a possible wedding looming began to grow louder and louder.

“Devin made a huge effort to fix things with Kendall almost as soon as they broke up,” one report on the matter noted.

“The threat of losing her was a huge wake-up call for Devin. He’s been laser focused on making her happy ever since, it’s like they’re back in the honeymoon stage. Her friends and family are thrilled that they’re back together, everyone would love to see them get married.”

With the Suns season in full swing, it will be fascinating to see where Booker and Jenner go from here.

Implants or not, both seem very happy with where they are presently.

How long will the good times last?

Time will tell.

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