Stephen Curry’s Sad Confession About Parents’ Divorce

Stephen Curry’s Sad Confession About Parents’ Divorce

Stephen Curry is in the midst of another great season with the Golden State Warriors. At the All-Star break, his team sits second in the Western Conference and looked primed to reclaim its mantle as one of the NBA’s best squads.

Unfortunately, while Curry’s career is reaching heights even he never expected, off the court the talented sharpshooter has experienced some very real trials and tribulations.

Namely: the divorce occurring between his parents, Dell and Sonya.

News of the pair’s separation broke last summer, with the real reason for the break-up emerging shortly thereafter. In the aftermath came a series of salacious allegations, as well as stories of how Steph and his wife Ayesha were taking sides in the dispute.

Things have calmed down a bit since those hectic days, but the wound is still fresh.

During a recent conversation with Logan Murdock of The Ringer, Curry offered a sad confession regarding his parents’ break-up.

“It’s challenging for sure,” he said.

“I could be mad and be like, ‘Y’all effed this up.’ I could have that approach. But it’s going to be an acknowledgment of both of y’all in terms of how y’all raised me. The calmness I have in myself is because of y’all.”

Curry has remained a stabilizing force for his family over the past year. His emotional message to his brother Seth while everything was unfolding speaks for itself.

Big picture, divorce is a natural occurrence and happens frequently all over the world every single day. The Curry family is no exception, and they are no anomaly.

That said, the separation process is difficult enough when it happens in private. When it happens on a global stage – it feels a million times worse.

Curry’s handling of his parents’ situation up to this point has been incredible, and it just serves as yet another example of how strong-willed he truly is.

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