Stephen Curry Reveals If His Warriors Could Beat Jordan’s Bulls

Stephen Curry Reveals If His Warriors Could Beat Jordan’s Bulls

Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors are one of the most legendary dynasties of all time.

Understandably, they’ve come to be compared to other similarly dominant NBA super teams of yesteryear.

The most common one they have been linked to is Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

This past week, in a conversation with GQ, Curry settled the debate once and for all on which squad out of those two would ultimately emerge victorious if they had ever faced off.

“Absolutely,” he said of his Warriors’ chances against the Jordan Bulls. “Obviously, we’ll never know, but you put us on paper with them… I like our chances. I’d say dubs in 6, too.”

Curry having a bunch of confidence in his squad isn’t surprising. Not long ago, Scottie Pippen weighed in on the same debate. He was much less diplomatic than Curry, though. He mocked and ridiculed the Warriors to no end.

“I’ll stick our roster against the Warriors any day, especially our second three-peat teams,” Pippen said at the time. But he didn’t stop there. He then went into great detail explaining why specifically his Bulls would torch the opposition.

“Let’s go through the matchups,” he began. “Dennis Rodman or Draymond Green at power forward? Dennis. Luc Longley or Andrew Bogut/JaVale McGee at center? Luc. Michael Jordan or Klay Thompson at shooting guard? Michael. Me or Kevin Durant at small forward? You could go either way.

“The only matchup in Golden State’s favor would be Steph Curry over Ron Harper at point guard. One more thing: the Warriors had nobody off the bench as skilled as Toni Kukoc. Prediction: Bulls in six.”

It’s hard to argue with that assessment.

These sorts of debates are common when it comes to the NBA. Allen Iverson has one idea of who the all-time GOAT is. Isiah Thomas has another.

Kevin Durant has one idea of who is better between Curry and Kyrie Irving. Shaquille O’Neal has another.

It’s all par for the course. And the argument about who’d win a hypothetical battle between the Bulls and Warriors is just the latest debate to add to the list.

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