Kevin Durant Settles Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving Debate Once And For All

Kevin Durant Settles Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving Debate Once And For All

Kevin Durant inserted himself into a controversial debate this week when he offered his two cents on who is more skilled between Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving.

This debate, as most do, began on social media. In response to a post analyzing he most skilled scorers in NBA history, former Brooklyn Nets guard Mike James suggested that Irving was superior to Curry in that regard.

Naturally, that assessment didn’t sit too well with Curry’s legion of followers. Things would get worse for that group, though.

After all the hoopla, Durant decided to wade into the debate. And since he has played alongside both Curry and Irving – he would know better than most who is more skilled.

In Durant’s view, it’s clearly Irving.

This isn’t the first time Durant has taken a little shot at Curry on social media. Of course, he did the same thing when he left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Warriors. When that happened, he would take shots at ex-teammate Russell Westbrook while praising his then-teammate Curry. This is all fairly standard stuff for Durant.

As far as the original question – it’s hard not to simply go with Durant on this one. He has played with both, and even with his bias taken into account, he’d know who is more skilled between Curry and Irving better than everybody else.

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