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Spencer Rattler Throws Tantrum Over Oklahoma Demotion

Spencer Rattler Throws Tantrum Over Oklahoma Demotion

Spencer Rattler came into the 2021-22 college football season with a lot of hype. A year older and more mature, he was supposed to be the guy to lead Oklahoma forward in its march towards a National Championship.

Of course, that didn’t end up happening. Like clockwork, Rattler ultimately folded under the pressure. He turned the ball over, failed to move it down field and struggled to lead the Sooners to victory over largely unimpressive opponents.

Ultimately, last week, Rattler was replaced as starting QB by Caleb Williams.

How did Rattler respond? By lashing out on social media in a tantrum.

Spencer Rattler Throws Tantrum Over Oklahoma Demotion 1

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly — Rattler unfollowed Williams. Yikes.

None of this should come as a surprise, of course. Last week, when Williams was initially forced to step in due to Rattler’s ineptness and lead the Sooners to a historic comeback against Texas in the Red River Shootout, this was Rattler’s reaction:

Spencer Rattler Throws Tantrum Over Oklahoma Demotion 2

What a teammate.

Here are the facts: Williams is a significantly better option at quarterback than Rattler. With Rattler under center, Oklahoma averaged 6.3 yards per play. With Williams, that number is 9.7 yards.

Moreover, Rattler has averaged 7.2 air yards per pass attempt this season – good for 113th out of 125 FBS quarterbacks. Williams averages 11.5 yards per pass attempt – good for ninth in the country.

Rattler has had his opportunity. He blew it. Just like he did last season, the youngster failed to live up to initial expectations. It is what it is.

But instead of handling the situation maturely, Rattler has decided to throw a tantrum over his own ineffectiveness.

Rattler will play somewhere next season. But it won’t be for the Sooners. Hopefully he doesn’t ultimately do irreparable damage to his stock with the classless way he has handled this process at Oklahoma.

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  1. On AM 850 KOA last Wednesday, Dave Logan (Broncos play by play less & 9-year Browns tight end) said, right at the 3:55 pm mark on the broadcast, while discussing recruiting with Big Al William, also a decade in the NFL, that Logan was told directly from a reliable recruiting source directly involved with this topic from within the ASU football program that OU’s Rattler is entering the “transfer portal” ASAP and headed to ASU to QB for Herm Edwards.
    Logan is only media outlets I have heard or read about this. Nobody caught because sports-talk radio is deader than Lincoln (not Riley).
    Logan doesn’t spew bull*hit or spout rumors.
    He’s also the most prominent, winning high school coach in Colorado history, so he traffics in recruiting.
    I assume source is Herm or Jake Plummer.

  2. Damn what has he done to you…. I bet he refused a Interview or something. You are really in your feelings in this article 😅. He’s just a kid relax.Im sure He will learn from his mistakes.

  3. I followed Rattler’s high school career in AZ. Most of the time he was immature and acted entitled. I sensed he could be a problem in the future.

    That said, why is the author of this article writing at a level as if his audience is a bunch of 7th graders. If his parents paid for “J” school they must be disappointed with the results.

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