Reactions Pour In Amid Dallas Cowboys Signing Cam Newton Chatter

Reactions Pour In Amid Dallas Cowboys Signing Cam Newton Chatter

Cam Newton’s decision to continue playing football in 2022 didn’t surprise many. Although the former MVP isn’t what he once was, he also isn’t at the point yet where retirement is a must.

That being said, Newton clearly needs to land in the right situation to succeed. Over the past several years he has failed to do that.

Things may change this season, though.

Recently, a particularly strong case was made for Newton to serve as Dallas’ backup quarterback.

“Stylistically speaking, Newton is a better fit to backup Dak Prescott than any other available options,” Blogging The Boys wrote. “Newton’s size and physicality mirror that of Prescott without losing the mobility that make him a viable dual threat when necessary. Additionally, his wealth of experience in the NFL would provide for a less significant drop-off in the event he ever ended up actually playing.”

This isn’t the first such argument to be made. On Twitter, a debate exploded this week regarding Newton’s backup potential:

Last season Newton recorded nine touchdowns and five interceptions in his stint with the Carolina Panthers. Sam Darnold, who had the benefit of being the consensus starter in the offseason, four more games played and 500 more snaps, only amassed five more touchdowns than him.

Clearly there is a place for Newton in the NFL. Is it with the Cowboys, though? That’s the million dollar question.

In the past, team owner Jerry Jones has been very blunt in his assessment of Newton. It’s unclear whether that opinion still holds.

Newton has been in the headlines nonstop this offseason. First for rejecting Brittany Renner to her face. Then for revealing why he wouldn’t marry the mother of his four kids. And of course for his role in Travis Kelce and his girl breaking up.

That said – Newton is a football player. And as much as he is fine with making news off-the-field, on it is where he wants to make his mark.

Will he be able to do that in 2022-23?

Time will tell.

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