Cam Newton Explains Why He Won’t Marry Mom Of His 4 Kids

Cam Newton Explains Why He Won’t Marry Mom Of His 4 Kids

Cam Newton is one of the most iconic NFL players of his generation. Both on and off the field, he set a new standard for quarterback swagger.

Although Newton is obviously no longer the player he once was, and despite the fact that the better part of his playing career may be behind him, the 32-year-old knows how to make headlines.

Case in point: his recent interview with popular social media personality Brittany Renner.

During the pair’s sit-down, Newton touched on a number of topics. One in particular that stood out was his rationale for why he refused to marry the mother of his four children, Kia Proctor:

“That’s a great question,” he said.

“The thing is that person that I was while we were having children together, I couldn’t be the best husband. I wasn’t prepared to be a husband then. I was on temptation island. A football player, young, ‘no’ is not even in my vocabulary.

“I just found myself in this downward spiral. Did she deserve better? I would humbly say, yes, she did… I was falling deeper into my own selfishness and realizing I gotta be better.”

What makes Newton’s decision fascinating is the fact that he comes from a home where his parents stayed together.

“My parents been together for 36 years,” he said. “I know what marriage looks like: the ups, the downs, the trials, the tribulations… I seen Kia really evolving into a woman where her standards were, ‘I ain’t just no baby mama,’ and when she kept putting pressure on me I was like, ‘I don’t know if this is what I really want.’”

Newton and Proctor have obviously been through a lot. There was talk of secret babies, various improprieties and a lot of other drama over the past few years. The pair ultimately got to the other side despite all of it – but not unscathed. It will be interesting to see where their relationship goes from here.

As for Newton, he seems to be doing fine. Video of him rejecting Renner straight to her face went viral recently, suggesting that he hasn’t really lost a step off the field.

On the field, however – it’s hard not to feel like his career is over. Between his disappointing second run with the Carolina Panthers and messy way things ended between him and the New England Patriots, the writing is on the wall.

Newton has had a tremendous career, but it’s done now. Time to move on to the next chapter.

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