Jerry Jones Explains Why Cowboys Didn’t Want Cam Newton

Jerry Jones Explains Why Cowboys Didn’t Want Cam Newton

The New England Patriots released Cam Newton last week and decided to hand rookie quarterback Mac Jones the keys to the kingdom.

Jones played 107 snaps in the preseason and went 36-of-52 for 389 yards, with one touchdown and no picks. Newton, meanwhile, finished the preseason 14-of-21 for 162 yards, with one touchdown and one pick.

Shortly after Newton became available, rumors began to pop up about the Dallas Cowboys perhaps having interest in the former league MVP.

With quarterback Dak Prescott returning to form, the Cowboys have been viewed as a legit candidate for several blockbuster trades and pick-ups.

Rather than going that route, however, Dallas instead went out and nabbed ex-Carolina Panthers backup Will Grier off waivers on Wednesday.

On Friday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan and went into great detail regarding why his team ultimately opted not to add Newton.

“You know, most people in the NFL that are even in the personnel area I think have evaluated Cam Newton and his pluses and his minus,” he said.

“You know, Norv Turner did a great job . . . when he was coordinator there with Cam Newton. So, I think he’s no secret as to what he does and does well. And of course he was basically able to be evaluated if you want to look at it playing games and results and all of that as an evaluation. And so what you’re seeing with him, he’s available, as best I can tell he’s available…

“If you can get it to make the right kind of deal, he’s available. But the point is that in this particular case — now, it’s another thing with Will Grier or it’s another thing with some of the guys that don’t have the play time or haven’t has been as readily, haven’t had as much experience. But Cam Newton is not playing because everybody has evaluated it and they’re making a decision. . . . We [found it] very, very easy to evaluate Cam.”

Well, that explains it.

The reality is that there a lot of good arguments for not picking up Newton. The Patriots had 3 big reasons why they ultimately decided to part ways with him – but frankly that’s two more than necessary.

Newton was so bad in his one season with the Patriots that opposing teams were literally mocking and ridiculing Bill Belichick for how his offense looked. Does anyone really need a quarterback who produces those sorts of results? Probably not.

At the moment, there appear to be 5 legitimate candidates to add Newton at some point in the next few months. Will any of them actually pull the trigger, though? Time will tell.

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