Patrick Beverley Gets Brutally Honest About Chris Paul Beef (Video)

Patrick Beverley Gets Brutally Honest About Chris Paul Beef (Video)

Patrick Beverley of the Los Angeles Lakers and Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns have been linked in various capacities for many years.

Their beef reached a boiling point last season when Beverley accused Paul of faking an injury in the playoffs. He then embarked a multi-day tour slandering the Suns star, before capping it off with a wild celebration with his girlfriend.

The friction between these two is so intense that, when Paul found himself embroiled in that Kim Kardashian drama a few months ago, a quote about him from Beverley went mega-viral.

This past week, in a conversation with Kevin Hart, Beverley broke down in explicit terms what his present day relationship with Paul is like.

“No relationship,” Beverley replied.

Hart then pressed him on whether there is any mutual respect between the two men.

“Obviously, he is in a position, ‘Point God,’ anytime I see Chris Paul it’s smoke,” Beverly responded.

“That comes from all the things and all the success he’s had in his basketball career. But yeah is it preseason am I going to pick you up full court? F*** yeah. So from now on until you retire, or until I retire, or until my f***ing bones pop out of my f***ing knees, I’m going to hound you every single time until we’re done.”

While Beverley is certainly no saint himself, his assessment on Paul’s general shadiness isn’t exactly off the mark.

Paul is one of the dirtiest players in NBA history and yet somehow always gets away with it.

And while the general zeitgeist has kind of, sort of started highlighting Paul’s antics – it still feels far more infrequent than it should be.

Beverley and Paul are both reaching the end of the road as far as their careers go. It will be interesting to see if they can eventually repair their relationship the way Beverley and Russell Westbrook have.

At the moment, though – it doesn’t appear as though that will ever be the case.

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