Drake’s Hint About Chris Paul, Kim Kardashian Affair (Photos)

Drake’s Hint About Chris Paul, Kim Kardashian Affair (Photos)

Kanye West stunned the NBA world on Thursday night when he made a damning allegation about Kim Kardashian and Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul.

In a now-viral tweet, West suggested that he once “caught” Kardashian and Paul in a precarious situation:

Drake’s Hint About Chris Paul, Kim Kardashian Affair (Photos) 1

Given that Paul has been married since 2011 and Kardashian, presumably, was with West at the time – the claim proved to be especially salacious.

Particularly given imagery like this hitting the web:

Shortly after West’s tweet blew up online, a Drake-related wrinkle was added to the mix.

Drake and West were famously engaged in a beef not long ago. Part of it stemmed from allegations that the former had also engaged in certain activities with the latter’s wife.

Well, in the midst of their beef, fans noticed that Drake might have given a subtle hint regarding Paul and Kardashian that only West would have understood at the time:

NBA Twitter is one of the most vocal groups on social media. So when this revelation hit the web, they lost it.

The reactions speak for themselves:

This has been a crazy year for Drake and all things NBA. First a certain young star took his girl. Then he had to sit by and watch as the same youngster got a better girl.

Now this.

As for the Suns — they just can’t steer clear of drama. Between the 7-Suns-players-in-1-night girl and now Paul getting embroiled in this messy situation, it has been one thing after another.

Will Drake, Paul or Kardashian ultimately come out and address all this gossip at some point in the foreseeable future?

Or will they ignore it and hope it goes away?

Time will tell.

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