Patrick Beverley’s Chris Paul Warning Amid Kim Kardashian Claim

Patrick Beverley’s Chris Paul Warning Amid Kim Kardashian Claim

Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley is one of the most honest and straightforward players in the NBA.

He rarely bites his tongue.

On Thursday night, Kanye West set the internet ablaze when he claimed that he had once caught Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul with his one-time wife, Kim Kardashian.

Understandably, given that Paul has been married for more than a decade, the accusation caused a bit of a stir.

Enter: Beverley.

NBA Twitter quickly went back into the archives and pulled an old quote about Paul from Beverley that, at the time, folks thought was just about basketball.

In light of recent events, however – it hits a bit different.

“You know Chris, he does slick s**t like you know people don’t know that’s a little dirty m**********r man,” Beverley said at the time.

“Chris know that too man. I know you don’t wanna say it, but I said it for you though. I know that was your teammate and I love CP bro. I love what he brings to the game. I love like how he changed the game also, so like you gotta give him all his props. But he knows how to finesse the system too.”

Much in the same way Drake was seemingly dropping hints in plain sight about Paul and Kardashian, many now wonder if Beverley was doing the same.

Don’t forget, there isn’t much love between Beverley and Paul. The former went on a world tour slandering the latter not long ago, only to subsequently go and celebrate with his girlfriend after the fact.

People can read into the situation however they want, but it is easy to see why connections are being drawn.

It will be interesting to see if any one of Beverley, Paul or Kardashian ultimately come out and address this matter.

Or if they will simply allow sleeping dogs to lie.

An answer one way or the other should come soon enough.

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