Is Bucks’ Grayson Allen Getting Suspended After Latest Dirty Play?

Is Bucks’ Grayson Allen Getting Suspended After Latest Dirty Play?

Milwaukee Bucks star Grayson Allen’s propensity for playing dirty has been well-documented.

Sometimes his actions have minimal consequences. Other times they do very serious harm.

In all the instances, though – he consistently claims innocence and tries to make the case that he is simply misunderstood.

On Wednesday night, in a showdown between the Bucks and Chicago Bulls, Allen got up to his old tricks.

With about seven minutes remaining in the third quarter and Milwaukee up four, this ugly scene unfolded between Allen and DeMar DeRozan:

As was evidenced when Allen’s girl shared photos of them getting engaged, most of the NBA community doesn’t have a ton of love or sympathy for him.

The reactions largely spoke for themselves:

That said, unlike in most of the other cases he has been embroiled in, Allen did have his fair share of defenders this time around:

It will be interesting to see what stance the league takes on this matter. In the past NBA officials allowed someone to literally break someone else’s wrist and didn’t punish them, so who knows.

Chicago did end up coming back to win this one, so maybe the cosmic gods decided to intervene and hit the Bucks with some karma over Allen’s general way of being.

In any case, though – it is safe to say that the reputation of being a dirty player is something Allen will likely never be able to shake.

Does he actually care? It certainly doesn’t seem like it.

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