Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Now Choosing Between Just 2 Teams

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Now Choosing Between Just 2 Teams

The reigning two-time NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers, also just happens to be the hottest free agent in the league right now.

While Rodgers is technically still under contract with the Green Bay Packers, he and the organization came to an understanding that he would ultimately decide his fate this offseason.

As recently as last week, four teams were in the hunt for his services.

Now that list has been cut in half. At this juncture, it’s a two-team race for Rodgers.

“I truly, 100% think it’s Green Bay or Denver,” NFL insider Charles Robinson said this week.

“From everyone I have spoken to, from the work that I’ve done, I think it’s an either/or for Rodgers between Green Bay and Denver,” he continued. “I know there’s been some Tennessee stuff out there … I can tell you [the Titans] certainly seemed surprised by that.”

The Steelers also apparently are not truly in the running.

“If it’s Pittsburgh,” Robinson continued. “It’s been the best kept secret in terms of Rodgers’ circle and all these things.”

None of this should come as a surprise. The Broncos have been trying to engineer a trade for Rodgers and wide receiver Davante Adams for a while now. Time will tell if they’ll ultimately pull it off. And the fact that Rodgers’ relationship with the Packers is arguably as good as it has ever been indicates they have a real shot at retaining him as well.

This is shaping up to be an interesting next few days. Rodgers’ decision is imminent, and it will drastically alter the landscape of the NFL no matter what happens.

If the reigning two-time MVP opts to stay in Green Bay, the Broncos already have their Plan B lined up.

Should he leave, the Packers will need to scramble to fill that giant hole.

Stay tuned – it promises to be an exciting next few days.

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