Aaron Rodgers Now Choosing Between 4 NFL Teams

Aaron Rodgers Now Choosing Between 4 NFL Teams

Aaron Rodgers is the reigning two-time NFL MVP and one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. He obviously comes with a lot of headaches, both on and off the field, but in many people’s eyes – the extra noise is justified.

As things currently stand, Rodgers is attempting to figure out where he wants to play next season.

For the first half of last week, it seemed inevitable that he would return to Green Bay. All signs were pointing in that direction. Over the last few days, however – something has changed.

What at one point seemed like his surefire return to the Packers has shifted.

Surely enough, on Saturday, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported that Rodgers’ status was very much up in the air.

“Sources say Rodgers is truly torn on where he wants to play in 2022,” he said. “While many in the NFL expect him to return — there’s lots of positivity in Green Bay — he is going back and forth on what he wants.”

According to Pro Football Talk, four teams are in the running for Rodgers’ services.

“As we understand it, the Aaron Rodgers options are: Green Bay, Denver, Tennessee, or Pittsburgh. Stay tuned.”

The Packers have reportedly made it clear that they have no interest in sending him to an NFC squad. Hence these options.

It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

The Titans are an intriguing option, obviously, given how strong of a roster they have and how big of a question mark Ryan Tannehill is at quarterback (despite what his wife thinks). That said, if Tennessee did add Rodgers, it’s unclear what would happen with Tannehill’s $38.6 million cap hit and $57.4 million cap hit in 2022.

Denver has obviously been trying to finagle a deal for Rodgers and Davante Adams, but it’s unclear how viable of an offer they truly have on the table.

And the Steelers – who knows what they’re capable of doing.

All in all, this is shaping up to be a fascinating next few days. If Rodgers ultimately does opt to leave Green Bay, it will send massive reverberations throughout the entire NFL.

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