Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Wants To Be Traded To 1 NFL Team

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Wants To Be Traded To 1 NFL Team

Russell Wilson has said all the right things about wanting to remain with the Seattle Seahawks past this offseason. That said, there is a reason why there has been so much chatter surrounding his status.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Seattle is coming off an awful year where they were somehow the only team in their division not to make the playoffs. That coupled with the dissatisfaction Wilson showed prior to this past season regarding his situation has led many to speculate on his future.

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport offered a concise take on the situation surrounding Wilson not long ago.

“Russ wants to know his options,” Rapoport said.

“I’m not saying he’s definitely going to go, but he wants to look around and see. If you’re Seattle, it’s the same problem they’ve had the last couple years, which is even if they get a great offer, even if they get, let’s say three first-round picks for Russell Wilson, who is going to actually be their quarterback and how quickly could they rebuild?

“I wouldn’t rule out a trade, but it has to be a no-brainer and they have to know the answer to the next question as well.”

While the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Commanders, and Denver Broncos are viewed as the heavy favorites to land Wilson should he move, this week news emerged about where specifically he would like to go in the event of a trade.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, out of that group, the Broncos are the squad that is most intriguing to Wilson.

“Wilson is lying low and watching what Seattle does this offseason,” he wrote.

“The threat of a potential deal still looms, however, because several teams will continue to call. After talks with people around the league, the three teams that come up most often are Denver, Philadelphia and Washington, with a little Carolina talk. Based on what I know, Wilson would be more amenable to Denver than the NFC East.”

The Broncos clearly have a Plan A for this offseason that they are currently working on – hard. But if that fails to materialize, it wouldn’t be overly-shocking to see the front office turn its attention to Wilson.

Especially if he is open to the move.

The marriage between Wilson and the Seahawks has seemed to run its course. The writing has been on the wall regarding that for a while. Even his teammates seem to be over it. Change is inevitable.

Will it happen soon, or will the process be a little more drawn out?

An answer should emerge in the coming weeks and months.

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