Seahawks Teammate Blames Russell Wilson For Causing Drama

Seahawks Teammate Blames Russell Wilson For Causing Drama

The ongoing saga between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks feels like it will not end well.

What started out as a quarterback expressing frustration over poor offensive line protection has quickly spiraled into an out of control situation.

At this point, a trade seems almost inevitable – with one clear destination emerging from the pack.

While Wilson hasn’t gotten a ton of criticism for expressing his displeasure with the Seahawks, one former teammate has decided to hold him accountable.

This week, long-time Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson came out and bashed his former quarterback for being something of a drama queen.

“I don’t know what Russell wants,” Robinson said, via Jacob Camenker of NBC Sports.

“He’s paid. They paid him twice in Seattle. The front office made sure that every other alpha male — with the exception of Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright and some of the old school guys that are there — they made sure that all of us were out the door so that this team could be Russell Wilson’s. And now this?”

Moreover, Robinson doesn’t seen how Wilson’s relationship with the offensive line can be repaired after what has transpired.

“I just don’t know how you walk back in the locker room where you’re saying my O-Line is getting me hit too much, I don’t have that much say,” he continued.

To be clear, it’s very easy to understand why Wilson is frustrated with his offensive line. He has been sacked 394 times in nine seasons – an insane number even if you are getting paid $35 million annually.

But there’s ways to handle matters quietly, and Wilson opted to go in a completely opposite direction. Based on Robinson’s commentary, it seems there is now a bit of pent up frustration when it comes to the 32-year-old.

The Chicago Bears have made it abundantly clear what they’re willing to give up for Wilson. At this point, the ball is in Seattle’s court. If they feel like Robinson’s opinion reflects that of the current players in the locker room, and Wilson isn’t budging, a trade may make sense for all parties involved.

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