Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Makes Big Change To Appearance

Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Makes Big Change To Appearance

This has been an offseason of change for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Gone is his old fiancée, Shailene Woodley – who has reportedly moved on with an A-List Hollywood actress. In his new girlfriend, an allegedly drug-loving witch.

Beyond that, Rodgers has also shed his clean cut image in favor of a slightly more polarizing one.

And this week came another change, this time to his appearance. First, he showed off a nifty mustache to eager fans:

Understandably, Rodgers’ choice of facial hair left quite an impression:

But then on Sunday, came an unfortunate update:

Reactions to that latest development somehow eclipsed the ones to him originally debuting the ‘stache.

Thus far, no images of the new mustache-free Rodgers have come out. But inevitably, they’re coming.

Big picture, this has been a wild summer for Rodgers. Lost in all the headlines about him speaking bluntly on ex-girlfriend Danica Patrick and all the photos where he is looking extra high is the fact that the Packers are returning an objectively worse team in 2022-23 than the one that suited up in 2021-22.

Davante Adams is arguably the best receiver in the game right now. Losing him and replacing him with pretty much nothing is bound to have some ramifications.

At the end of the day, if Rodgers comes out and puts another MVP-level performance forth, leads the Packers into the playoffs and comes within reasonable distance of a Super Bowl – a lot of his offseason weirdness will be forgiven.

But if all that fails to materialize, don’t be surprised if folks are extra harsh on him given the headline-magnet he has been up to this point.

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