Aaron Rodgers Gets Brutally Honest About Danica Patrick

Aaron Rodgers Gets Brutally Honest About Danica Patrick

Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick dated for two years while both were at the height of their popularities.

Because it’s so rare that a pair of titans from different sports come together the way they did, their relationship made a lot of headlines.

As did their split.

When Rodgers and Patrick broke up and he immediately shacked up with Shailene Woodley, the presumed “real cause” of their separation stirred up a lot of controversy.

Recently Rodgers appeared on an episode of the “Aubrey Marcus Podcast” and delved into myriad of issues. One fascinating one stood out, though – his feelings about Patrick.

“I was dating Danica [at the time Rodgers met Marcus] and that relationship was great for me because she is on her own journey, and spirituality is important to her,” said Rodgers.

“We both were finding our way, learning about different things, practicing meditation techniques.”

Patrick has been very open and honest about her breakup with Rodgers. Some of it has been a little sad. You can’t help but feel for folks who show a certain degree of vulnerability.

The way Rodgers was after their split also didn’t help matters any.

Patrick’s reactions to Rodgers getting engaged and subsequently getting un-engaged were telling.

His drama with Patrick aside, Rodgers’ recent podcast appearance stirred up a lot of commotion. His new girlfriend felt the need to comment, for obvious reasons. But beyond that, it also offered a bit of clarity to recent photos of him looking particularly high and the video his new lady posted and quickly deleted.

Rodgers and Patrick had a good run – but it’s over now.

Hopefully given all the time that has passed both parties will be given the opportunity to move on publicly and privately and no longer have to comment on each other’s lives the way they’ve had to up to this point.

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