Olivia Dunne’s Latest Video Gets Her TikTok Page Removed

Olivia Dunne’s Latest Video Gets Her TikTok Page Removed

Olivia Dunne’s latest video seems to have gotten her kicked off TikTok.

Early Wednesday morning, the 20-year-old’s page was completely scrubbed from the popular social media platform.

Olivia Dunne’s Latest Video Gets Her TikTok Page Removed 1

Less than 24 hours earlier, Dunne was active on her TikTok account and publishing fresh content. Initially it was believed that the LSU star’s last video before her page’s removal  got her kicked off the platform.

Understandably, fans were quite puzzled to see Dunne’s page gone as a result of that seemingly-innocuous video.

Dunne has created a lucrative brand for herself on social media over the past year between her various accounts posting precisely that type of stuff. By her own admission, Dunne made seven figures in brand deals as a result of her online popularity.

When Dunne’s TikTok finally re-appeared, it became clear that the actual problematic video involved her doing some crazy gymnastics moves.

@livvy getting back into the swing of things:) #foryou #lsu #gymnastics ♬ HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar

When her account was brought back, the aforementioned video included a warning.

“The actions in this video are performed by professionals or supervised by professionals. Do not attempt,” it read.

Just this past week Dunne went mega-viral after posting a wild hotel room video with one of her teammates. Before that, she caused something of a stir with her shower selfie. It is funny that none of those clips got her in trouble, but this one did.

For what it is worth, Dunne’s sister’s TikTok has remain untouched throughout the entirety of this incident.

Along the same lines, Dunne’s Instagram content remained up.


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A post shared by Olivia Dunne (@livvydunne)

So clearly whatever the issue is with that particular video, it was solely a TikTok problem.

Dunne is currently very busy with her gymnastics season. LSU has struggled on the mats in 2023, going 1-4 in their last five matches. A video of Dunne on the mats practicing hard is probably a welcome sight for her team, who is going to need a big year out of her.

Social media is an important part of Dunne’s financial success. And having one of her platforms cut off, randomly no less, wasn’t going to be something that could stand long-term.

Will this be the last time Dunne has to deal with TikTok trying to remove her over one of her videos? Time will tell.

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