Nick Young Calls Out Warriors For Cheating Against Celtics In Finals (Video)

Nick Young Calls Out Warriors For Cheating Against Celtics In Finals (Video)

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics 104-94 on Monday night.

With the win, they took a commanding 3-2 series lead in the NBA Finals and now find themselves one victory shy of another championship.

Unfortunately, Golden State’s big triumph didn’t come without controversy.

A now-viral tweet by former Warrior Nick Young encapsulated the feeling that some came away from Monday’s outing with:

It’s unclear what specifically Young was talking about here. He didn’t cite an actual example of anything, so fans were left to their own imaginations. That said – there were definitely some questionable sequences that went Golden State’s way in Game 5.

Case in point:

Do any of these actually constitute as “cheating”? That is open to interpretation. But you certainly can’t blame folks for being on edge when a referee literally came out last week and admitted that one player on the Warriors deserved special treatment.

That said, Young definitely drew some ire for his hot take on Twitter:

Big picture, the Warriors dominated the Celtics for about three quarters on Monday. Was that really due to cheating? It’s hard to make that case.

It’s like arguing that Zendaya was the reason that Poole hit that clutch buzzer-beater at the end of the third quarter.

Is it a fun thing to say? Sure. Is it backed by actual evidence? No.

Young is no stranger to saying provocative things online. So he is unlikely to change.

But should fans take his assessment of the Warriors to heart?

Probably not.

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