Did Zendaya Inspire Jordan Poole’s Clutch Shot vs Celtics?

Did Zendaya Inspire Jordan Poole’s Clutch Shot vs Celtics?

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics 104-94 on Monday night to take a 3-2 series lead in the NBA Finals.

In the third quarter of that game, the Celtics went on an incredible run. They erased a double-digit deficit and actually took the lead.

At the end of that quarter, as time was running out, Jordan Poole got the ball with less than a second remaining and nailed a clutch half court jumper.

Not only did that three put his squad up by one going into the fourth quarter, but it also restored some semblance of momentum for Golden State. The Warriors would go on to win the game.

Poole’s clutch shot was so impressive that folks couldn’t help but wonder what motivated him to step up like that. One popular theory that emerged immediately? That it was him trying to impress world-renowned actress Zendaya.

The reference here is to a now-viral tweet that was posted prior to the outing suggesting that Zendaya would be on hand to cheer Poole on for Game 5.

Why would Poole and Zendaya be connected in the first place? Because a while back, the former suggested that he and the latter should double date with Klay Thompson:

Did Zendaya Inspire Jordan Poole’s Clutch Shot vs Celtics? 1

Beyond that, a lot of folks believe that Poole tends to show out when he sees attractive women in the crowd. A video claiming to show him going supernova when he saw two blondes sitting courtside went mega-viral recently.

So what’s the final verdict here? Did Poole really hit that clutch halfcourt shot because he saw Zendaya?

It doesn’t seem like it. There are no photos of Zendaya at Monday’s Warriors game, and all images that have gone viral arguing the opposite have been old. Moreover, she is currently in a relationship with Spiderman actor Tom Holland – so it is unlikely she would show up to any sporting event to show some other random player love.

It’s easy to see why folks would want to believe this is true. Video of Poole openly flirting with ESPN’s Malika Andrews has put his love of beautiful women on center stage during these playoffs.

But word on the street is that he now has a girlfriend himself. So he might not even need Zendaya’s support, he may have his own lady to cheer him on.

Would it have been hilarious if Zendaya motivated Poole’s clutch three on Monday? Yes.

Is that what happened? It doesn’t appear so.

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