Jordan Poole Trying To Impress 2 Blondes Courtside Goes Viral (Video)

Jordan Poole Trying To Impress 2 Blondes Courtside Goes Viral (Video)

Jordan Poole has been on quite the run this year.

After a decent rookie campaign and a solid sophomore one, the 22-year-old really came out of his shell in 2021-22 and played an instrumental role in the Golden State Warriors reaching the NBA Finals.

Although Poole’s output throughout the latter half of this year’s playoffs has been a bit uneven, he stepped up big for the Warriors in Game 2 of their NBA Finals showdown against the Boston Celtics with 17 points on 5-of-9 shooting from beyond the arc.

One play in particular really encapsulated how hot Poole was in the outing:

While the shot in itself was impressive, that’s not the only thing stemming from it that went viral this week.

A second video, claiming to depict Poole’s motivation, went mega-viral this week:


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Obviously that video is super chopped and screwed so who knows if it is legit or not, but it’s definitely hilarious.

And given the incredible streak Poole has been on female-wise so far this season, it would certainly fit the bill. Mind you, after publicly spitting game at Malika Andrews (despite her ESPN reporter boyfriend watching) on national TV, he was then linked to one of the hottest Instagram models in the game.

After that?

Poole somehow became connected to an even bigger Instagram model.

The youngster is thriving.

The Warriors are going to give Poole a big contract come this summer. He has proven himself enough to earn one — the front office has said this much. But they’ll feel a lot better about it if he can play as well in the NBA Finals as he did at times this year when he looked like Golden Golden State’s second-best player.

Will he be able to help guide the squad to yet another title?

Time will tell.

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