NFL Referees Blatantly Help Steelers Cheat During Packers Game (Video)

NFL Referees Blatantly Help Steelers Cheat During Packers Game (Video)

NFL referees blatantly helped the Pittsburgh Steelers cheat during Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

While Pittsburgh obviously emerged from the weekend with a 23-19, viewers at home were left less-than-impressed with how they did it.

This game was full of questionable calls that ultimately favored the winning side. But one in particular really stands out.

With a little over three minutes remaining in the first half, Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett attempted a swing pass to running back Jaylen Warren. Unfortunately, because the ball was clearly thrown behind Warren, he was unable to bring the pass in. Green Bay subsequently recovered the fumble and Packers linebacker Rashan Gary took it all the way to the end zone.

There was just one problem: officials ruled it ‘incomplete’ on the field.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur rightfully challenged the play, but the call stood.

Alternate angles of the sequence show that the NFL’s referees blatantly cheated the Packers and helped the Steelers:

In a game decided by four points, it is pretty clear why this specific call was consequential.

Obviously referees are only human. They make bad calls, but this season has been particularly atrocious when it comes to officiating. Just last week, the referees blatantly cheated another team.

What doesn’t help matters in times like this is the overall smugness of many of the league’s refs. Eight days ago, one officially openly laughed in a star quarterback’s face.

And the clear-cut favoritism is appalling. Sometimes the referees try to portray themselves as unbiased; other times they are out there hugging the players.

The league should really step in and do something at this point. The integrity of the game is on the line.

Obviously the NFL will never publicly acknowledge that their referees blatantly helped the Steelers cheat the Packers of a win this weekend, but that is precisely what ended up happening.

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