NFL Referees Hug Eagles After Helping Cheat Cowboys Out Of Win (Video)

NFL Referees Hug Eagles After Helping Cheat Cowboys Out Of Win (Video)

NFL referees often get a bad reputation for things outside their control. They generally try their best to make accurate calls on the field, but obviously they are only human. Mistakes happen.

That said, this past weekend saw some of the most egregious NFL referee displays fans have witnessed in a long time. Nowhere was that more apparent than during the divisional showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

Not only did Philly emerge with a 28-23 win over Dak Prescott and Co. thanks to blatant interference by the officiating crew, but the NFL referees even hugged Eagles players at one point.

That display is made all the more egregious given all the terrible calls made by NFL referees during Sunday’s outing. Case in point:

  • Nobody called offensive offensive pass interference on Devonta Smith during his touchdown reception over DaRon Bland despite him clearly committing the infraction.
  • Nobody called defensive pass interference when CeeDee Lamb fell victim to it on a deep throw shortly thereafter.
  • NFL referees inexplicably called defensive pass interference on Stephon Gilmore on a ball that was clearly thrown away.
  • This ridiculous sequence:

Understandably, fans at home had some reactions to the NFL’s referees first cheating the Cowboys out of a win, then giving Eagles players hugs and kisses to add insult to injury.

Big picture, the Cowboys weren’t the only NFL team screwed over by the referees this weekend. The officials also blatantly helped the Kansas City Chiefs cheat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

One ref also openly mocked Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa during that game.

But nothing that occurred during that Chiefs game rose to the level of insidiousness that was on display during the Eagles-Cowboys game.

The hope, obviously, is that Roger Goodell and Co. will eventually look at what transpired this weekend and get their house in order.

Bad refereeing undermines the integrity of football as a whole.

Will the NFL’s referees actually face any consequences for helping the Eagles cheat the Cowboys, though? Probably not.

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