NFL Fan Couple Gets Frisky During Ravens-Bengals Game (Video)

NFL Fan Couple Gets Frisky During Ravens-Bengals Game (Video)

An NFL fan couple got a little frisky this week during a showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals.

Coming into Thursday Night Football, all eyes were on Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow. Although both men put up memorable performances in their own ways during their showdown, neither ultimately stole the show.

Rather, what folks couldn’t stop talking about afterward was one particular NFL fan couple.

Video of the pair getting very, very frisky in the stands ultimately set the internet ablaze.

NFL fans tend to have high tolerances for craziness. And in a week where one woman literally lost her shirt at a Las Vegas Raiders game, it is hard to break through and steal folks’ attention.

But that is exactly what this particular NFL fan couple did. Reactions came in quickly and furiously:

Again, this has been a crazy week in football. Between Charissa Thompson’s wild photos with her boyfriend, Erin Andrews going on a date with Tom Brady, and the Denver Broncos getting called out for blatantly cheating – it has been one thing after another.

This couple really found a way to take the cake attention-wise, though.

It will be interesting to see if either one pops up on social media to address their newfound virality.

What crazy antics will NFL fans get up to next week? Time will tell, but if past is truly prologue, the bar will only be raised from here.

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