NBA Rumors: Andre Iguodala To Lakers A Done Deal?

NBA Rumors: Andre Iguodala To Lakers A Done Deal?

NBA Rumors: Andre Iguodala To Lakers A Done Deal?

After perhaps one of the most exciting summers in NBA history, it appears that Lakers have done a good job with the roster.

Bringing Anthony Davis alongside LeBron was crucial for Lakers fans’ appetites to grow.

Failing to sign Kawhi was a disappointment after 2019 NBA finals MVP announced he is joining the bitter rivals Clippers.

However Lakers bureau reacted well and signed proven league players and the results look pretty impressive.

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The team is now an instant title contender and adding players to bring maximum depth to the roster is always on the mark.

One player who could really help is Iguodala, a 35-year-old veteran with a shining career in his rear view mirror.

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You will recall, Iguodala was traded by the Warriors to Memphis Grizzlies earlier this year.

The player however didn’t joined the team and even in November he is without a team to play for.

The Grizzlies has been exploring the options to trade him before the deadline but the latest news from the NBA insiders are that he is going to work a buyout, clear waivers and join either Lakers or Clippers.

The Lakers are a favorite for signing him as he informed everybody that he will join LeBron and company after he clears the buyout.

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As the matter of fact Andre and Lakers have been “flirting” even since he has been traded by Warriors. Why Lakers are favorites, well there are several reasons:

-Both sides will be happy with that. Lakers have salary cap issues and small budget left, so signing a veteran minimum contract with a player like Iguodala is a win situation. He will bring squad depth especially in the defense.

-Andre Iguodala will be happy to join a title contender especially on 35 years. While trying to add his 4th ring there is no better place to be right now.

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-Andre Iguodala is a former client of Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka. He is also a close friend with several Lakers players as Danny Green, Javale McGee, LeBron James and  Kobe Bryant. They will all take part in having him join them.

-On the other side of the town, Clippers are also rumored to sign Iguodala. Having him in the roster to rest Kawhi and Paul George will also get them a massive boost in attempt to win their first ever championship. But lets be honest. 10 out of 10 players will chose Lakers instead of Clippers (exclude Kawhi Lenard only) even if they are guaranteed that they will win rings, which they are not. Lakers are still believed to be slighter favorites in front of Clippers.

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Many NBA experts and players believe that if Lakers sign Iguodala they will undoubtedly win their first championship in post Kobe era.

The Lakers will have a strong defensive lineup with Iguodala, Davis, James, Rondo, Green and Howard who are also known as very strong defenders.

Will Iguodala ultimately end up with the Lakers? We should fine out for sure very soon.

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