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Notre Dame Will Hire Urban Meyer

Notre Dame Will Hire Urban Meyer

Notre Dame Will Hire Urban Meyer

Notre Dame will hire Urban Meyer.

Coming into this year, popular wisdom around college football circles was that Meyer would land with the Trojans come year’s end.

The rationale made sense.

Meyer had accepted a job at Fox Sports as an analyst, and as such would be spending a ton of time in Southern California.

His co-workers at Fox Sports were Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush, two Trojans legends who would no doubt hype the university up to him.

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Recruiting in SoCal is a breeze, so that would be one less stress point for Meyer when he made his triumphant return.

And finally, Clay Helton, the current USC head coach, was clearly on his way out. Short of an awe-inspiring 2019 campaign, his job was not salvageable.

While all of those things have remained true throughout this college football season, what nobody counted on was what would occur near South Bend, Indiana.

Brian Kelly entered this year with something to prove. He has clearly been Notre Dame’s best coach in a very long time over the course of his tenure, but it was obvious that he had maxed out his potential.

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Surely enough, the Fighting Irish performed this year exactly the way everyone expected they would.

Big wins over hapless programs like Bowling Green, Louisville and New Mexico. Unimpressive victories over below average schools like USC and Virginia Tech. And straight up defeats to the only real competition they’ve faced all year in Georgia and Michigan.

Notre Dame is this year what they have been throughout Kelly’s entire stint with the school – good, but not good enough.

As such, it is no surprise that in recent weeks rumors have begun to circulate that they will likely be looking to part ways with Kelly this summer.

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What is surprising, however, is who has reportedly been tapped to replace him – Meyer.

By all accounts, it is becoming increasingly likely that Notre Dame will be able to steal away Meyer from rival USC.

While appearing on ESPN last week, college football insider Paul Finebaum suggested that Meyer-to-Notre Dame was a move that made sense for all involved.

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“He’s good, not great and he’s never going to win a nationally championship,” Finebaum said of Kelly.

“The wise move for Notre Dame is to buy Brian Kelly out and bring in Urban Meyer.

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“Urban Meyer is the best available coach in the country and he wanted to go to Notre Dame 13 years ago.

“Florida got him instead and there’s a lot of reasons why that may have happened.”

While USC obviously boasts the added benefit of being in Southern California, Notre Dame has a lot of positives going for it as well.

Notre Dame’s NBC deal is extremely lucrative and positions them in front of a national audience on a regular basis. Meanwhile, people in Los Angeles barely even know how to watch USC games half the time.

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Beyond that, Kelly has recruited far better at Notre Dame than Helton has at USC. Meyer could come in and win 10 games with the Fighting Irish right away.

USC, meanwhile, still needs some time to grow before it can compete with Pac-12 powerhouses like Oregon and Utah.

Is Meyer to Notre Dame a sure thing? Of course not; USC still has a shot. But one month ago everyone believed that Meyer to SoCal was a lock.


Not so much.

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  1. Notre Dame needs Urban Meyer hope and pray they get him we deserve a National Championship we have the talent so far past due all that talent no results it’s a shame hope and pray he will come and give us the guidance and what we need to be the best we can be .

  2. Please our Lady of Victory.. hire Urban.
    Please Father John… hire Urban Meyer.
    Please Jack Swarbrick…HIRE URBAN MEYER YOU IDIOT !!
    Don’t let him get away again. Barney Rubble is done.

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