NBA Ratings Continue To Be Inexplicably Low

NBA Ratings Continue To Be Inexplicably Low

NBA Ratings Continue To Be Inexplicably Low

NBA ratings continue to be inexplicably low this month, with all of the Twitter chatter surrounding the league’s return not translating into an actual increase in viewers.

When the NBA resumed its season at the end of July, many observers assumed it would be a ratings boon for all involved. Networks were starved for sports programming as a result of COVID-19, and basketball’s glut of big name stars should have converted into a ton of viewership.

Only it didn’t.

NBA Ratings Got Off to A Rough Start

In the first week of action, the NBA’s ratings immediately sputtered. Rather than spiking due to an increase in hype and intrigue around the return of basketball, the numbers dipped to 14 percent below pre-COVID averages.

Last week, the games that took place from Thursday to Sunday drew smaller ratings than the same period the prior week.

As usual, the Los Angeles Lakers continued to do solid numbers. LeBron James and Co. delivered the most-watched game of the week when they defeated the Utah Jazz 116-108. The second-most watched outing of the week also featured the Lakers – this time a 113-97 defeat at the hands of the Houston Rockets.

Beyond that, though – the numbers were completely unimpressive.

A showdown between the New Orleans Pelicans and San Antonio Spurs with postseason implications that aired on ABC did 1.158 million viewers. That was down from the 1.663 million that the Boston Celtics drew in their 128-124 win over the Portland Trail Blazers.

For comparison’s sake, the PGA Championship which aired that same Sunday drew 5.153 million viewers.

The NBA games themselves are not the only ones losing viewers, though.

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Other NBA Programming Is Struggling As Well

ESPN was counting on the return of the NBA providing a ratings boost to its other programming. Thus far, it has not happened.

Pardon The Interruption, the network’s best-performing daily show, did 337,000 viewers last week. One year earlier, with no NBA games to discuss, it averaged 569,000 viewers.

The drop in interest is startling, and reflected in the declining ratings of The Jump, First Take and Around The Horn as well.

So what is the problem? What is causing these ratings to stall?

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A Number Of Possible Causes

Some believe that sports in bubbles, with no fans in attendance, feel fake. The weird daytime scheduling coupled with the odd setup create an unmistakably different vibe for the games – and certain folks just don’t seem to be responding positively to it.

The other commonly-cited issue that is cited is that sports and politics have become too intertwined for their liking.

On one side, President Donald Trump is condemning athletes for kneeling during the National Anthem. On the other, the NBA is wearing social justice messages on the back of their jerseys.

Sports, which was once escapism from real world noise, has become just another political battleground.

Things Can Still Change

Fortunately for the NBA and networks, there is still time for the TV ratings to go up.

Up to this point, the games that have taken place were strictly for seeding purposes. That, and to allow certain players to work themselves back into game shape.

Now the playoffs are on the horizon and the outings will starting having significance again.

Will that translate into an increase in viewership? Time will tell.

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Charles Kruger

Charles Kruger has been credentialed to cover two Super Bowls, four NBA Finals, and one World Series. A 20-year veteran in the sports world, he has sources spanning the NBA, MLB, NFL, UFC and NASCAR. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Calif., he is Game 7's go-to source for rumors surrounding the Lakers, Clippers and Dodgers.


    1. Not very knowledgable about how the ratings work, huh? On Monday night the NBA drew less than Monday Night Raw. A simple word to Lebron, shut up and dribble!

      1. Ratings are down? Here is one comment, your party is destroying America. BLM is trash and ruining NBA. I will no longer watch. NOBODY agrees with you. The NBA thinks they can ride it out till the fans came back. Fans 30-65 are not watching and will not come back. their children will not watch or play and their goes the future of the NBA. I noticed the sales of basketball goals for driveways way down. Good luck NBA

        1. Completely agree- i will NEVER watch another game until that BLM Marxist horseshit is gone- which may never happen. These players have been completely manipulated and played- very sad all the way around. I think ratings will get worse not better.

          1. Agreed, bunch of overpaid babies that support domestic terror. I haven’t watched a game for a while now and won’t. We used to support NBA and NFL, we went to games, purchased merchandise, and watched on tv when not attending in person. Our family is done, politics should not be involved in these sports. Was planning on spending thousands again this year to help support these yahoos, not anymore.

          2. You’re a neandrathal. Watch something besides Fox News. Read “how to be an anti-racist” and wake up. Maybe you can become a compassionate human being again.

          3. This all started with what we should call the great distraction. As in impeach, impeach, impeach. In the meantime a little known bug was festering in a level 4 biochemical lab in wuhan china, but no one saw it. From America that is, the WHO and the CCP saw it. But it was completely subverted from the public’s and government’s eyes. Anyone who has a clue about how evil a communistic society is will know that they don’t care about anyone except the only ones that matter to themselves, “themselves”. They throw their people under the bus all the time, anyone remember what happened in china during the late 90’s? Just look at Russia in the eighties, now I know that no one wanted to have that country make anything for them. That is just what we (The whole world) wanted china to do for us, for us not to see the potential for disaster is a complete shame, and sham. This whole BLM movement (ANTIFA), has been promoted by some of the most leftist individuals in America, ie. George Soros among others. This is only showing you that the country can be changed for the worst by just a little push from one direction or another. China has everything to gain if Donald J Trump is not re-elected for another term. For he is totally against their expansionist plans, ever heard of china 2025? Thats just around the corner from now, it basically states that by that time china will be the preeminent superpower, subverting the American militarily and economy. They think. Thats where the sports in America comes into play, the country of china has lots and lots of American “sports” fans. That fact alone can sway any sports league into bending over backwards for the country that they can make the most money from. And therein lies the true evil of the world, money.

          4. For me, kneeling for the Nat’l Anthem was the deal breaker. I serve in the military and so many American’s died fighting for our freedom which makes their (the players) action a complete slap in the face. They don’t care if they offend us. That’s what upsets me the most. As long as they kneel, I will not watch or go to games.

          1. BLM is a racist front group for Marxist revolutionaries. BLM is as fake and manufactured as the pathetic NBA. Both are now dying on the vine and after the left implodes again the racist radical groups like these will die forever. The NBA was absolute trash before they became racist communists.

          2. Last i saw Your side hired a black woman JUST because she was a black woman! That IS RACIST! Go back to your lib hole RACIST!!

          3. You can keep screaming “RACIST!” as your woke economy collapses all around you. No one cares anymore. Get out a mirror and start reflecting upon why you come across as a self-righteous a–hat before yet another one of your woke industries goes belly up.

          4. Insults sound better when properly spelled; “neanderthal” for future reference.

            I rather be a neanderthal than a POS Woke Moron like you.

            #TooManyIdiots with an opinion that is crap

            Sincerely from a brown hispanic legal immigrant and proud American citizen!

          5. There is not one black man oppressed in America today it is a bunch of bulshit if you want to see black people oppressed go to Africa Somalia anywhere else in the world if you have black in America today and you want something go out and work for it stop being a victim you cry babies

          6. Go shame yourself what news shows do you watch Clinton News Network(CNN), or is it mr. Stelter’s sham channel MSNBC? You have got to watch more than the mainstream media. You’ve got to not believe everything that is said to you by a certain news outlet, really any of them like Reuters, Huffington post, NY times, Washington post, BBC, abc, nbc, cbs. They all had the same script they “ALL” followed during the rush to get rid of a duly elected president. Go back and check out for yourself and see if I’m wrong. Wasn’t the steele dossier paid for by the Don’s opponent Madam Clitoris, oops misspelled that word… or did I? But seriously you also have to look at all the hypocrisy coming from the left learning Democratic party. My parents had been life long liberals but are going to cast their vote for the person who knows what office he’s running for. As well as knowing what state he’s in, not the state next door saying what a wonderful city it is (Vermont). Nor the fact that poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids. His opponent also has a stupendously racist record. He said at one point when he was a senator he was afraid of his grandchildren growing up in a jungle with black kids in a desegregated school, I guess that’s not too racist, right? Or when he said in a certain tone that they is gonna put you all back in chains. He also applauded one of the ex-leaders of the KKK, after he philabusterd the civil rights bill. So who’s the racist now? Tell you what Kjg if you can use your own mind you can actually see all of the great things that this President has done for this great country. All pre-covid 19, lowest unemployment for African-Americans, Latino-Americans, woman, Oriental-Americans, and teen employment. The highest participation rate amongst them all. Also the lowering of taxes, rebuilding our once strong military, the booming stock market. I don’t know how but I guess he just did what the previous president said he would have to do to get the jobs back waved HIS magic wand and remarkably the jobs returned. In short I’d like to finish with this, if all you believe is what you have heard from certain news oulets without actually looking into it yourself well then shame on you to the enth degree!

          7. Agree. I watch sports to get away from all the garbage. If LeBron is so worried about social justice, why aren’t there more Hispanics or Asians in basketball? And for basketball there is no skill any longer (just charge to basket and everyone has to get out of your way or be called for a foul).

        2. Absolutely right, never will I support a sport that supports a COMMUNIST region and ideology ove The Country that made them MILLIONAIRES. Hate the NBA.

          1. Right on Ralph! Lebron can suck the high hard one. All of the players of 2day are so woke it’s pathetic. It’s like the saying get woke go broke well I to am a big bball fan. But I will never watch this liberal shite show ever again unless they stop the woke BS

        3. I totally agree and when enough people stop watching the games and buying their merchandise I’ll be willing to bet that then the owners will stand up and demand that Lebron James takes Laura Ingraham’s advise to “shut up and dribble”… and I’d be willing to bet he will “shut up and dribble” or be forced into retirement if enough people boycott the NBA. If you are still watching, supporting, or buying anything from the new “woke” sports leagues, Hollywood, or even the music industry today you are directly supporting these people that are ruining everything that’s great about entertainment! They’ve officially killed all forms of entertainment as far as I can see…….

        4. I also agree. I will never watch another game from N.B.A nor will I buy any products that will profit the N.B.A in any way,
          They think they can ride it out till the fans come back? Your not holding your breath are you??

        5. Who wants to here a black guy say there being treated bad, when there making well over 10 million a year. That’s what it turning people off. Shut up and dribble.

        6. I am done with NBA and I go to games every single year. I will also not spend MY MONEY on any product with an NBA logo ever again. No more shirts that I buy every Christmas. Players are free to say anything they want – it is a free nation thanks to our founding fathers. I am also free to watch English Soccer instead of these clowns. If you are good enough at your job of playing basketball to make millions then well done and well played. Fans pay directly and indirectly to watch your incredible skills – that is the transaction.

        7. I was a life long NBA can. I started watching basketball in 1982 what we called “the good old days.”
          I will NEVER again watch the NBA as they support the anti-American anti-JudeoChristian anti-LIFE pro-socialist pro-sharia Satanic Liberal Democrat party.

        8. “Inexplicably” ? Is this guy in a classic state of denial? The NBA, alienated itself IN A HYPOCRITICAL support for the Marxist BLM, but we only hear crickets about their association with the Chinese communists WHO ACTUALLY USE SLAVE LABOR AND PRACTICE GENOCIDE.
          I am done with all professional sports. I didn’t watch to hear Lebron pontificate using all of his 12th grade education. He knows how to put a ball in a hoop, not to enlighten the masses on geopolitics or systemic social trends.

      2. Me and all my friends are watching golf only you jerk’s keep kneeling Love it BLM Yes they matter,but no more than a red, white, or yellow man does, won’t be long and most so called pros will be working 9 to 5.

      3. Lebron is such a crybaby bitch, he really has to bend over backwards for china so he can get even richer. He is the NTGOAT. Not the greatest of all time, need I remind anyone. Jordan 6 for 6, 6 mvps. Six finals appearances six championships, as well as Six MVPs, would have been eight in a row if James Jordan (father) hadn’t died.

    2. Usually the more bad teams get eliminated the higher the ratings go. None of those teams would be on national games anyway. It’s weird the ratings are down. I don’t attribute it to any political aspect, maybe just an overkill of sports right now and basketball is suffering for it.

      1. Your kidding right? Not attributed to any political aspect? We haven’t had an overkill of sports, we’ve had 0 sport for 3 months! I suggest sir you pull your head out of the sand…

      2. I’m a leftist and even I think the BLM rhetoric is a turn off. I don’t mind a little bit of an intersection between sports and politics but they’re really driving it down your throat. I would imagine people on the right are turned off by it (which is stupid and babyish but to some degree I understand it)

      3. An overkill of sports??? What planet have you been on? People use sports to escape. When those sports become more of what people are trying to escape from people choose other escapes.

    3. You idiot. They are comparing on a per game basis for NBA games and then for ESPN’s shows they are actually comparing a time (this year) when there are more sports playing currently than a year ago.

      1. Your name says it all. Grow up. I will not watch the NBA because of their overtly political hatred for America and Americans and their embrace of communist China and their and constant human rights abuses. Take a knee and you can take a hike hypocrites.

        1. Lebron said losing Trump’s viewership was no big deal. Guess he didn’t realize those who elected Trump are of a similar mind. Just keep kneeling and boosting BLM. It will get more explicable as finances tighten.

      2. I think youre an idiot. this is as political as it gets and you have NO idea what you’re talking about. Theyre getting less views than I love Lucy on Nick-At-Night make up all the excuses you want, your party is destroying America. BLM is trash and ruining NBA. I will no longer watch. NOBODY agrees with you.

    4. It is not “inexplicable!” We don’t let Communist traitors and racist bigots into our homes via tv, and sure as h won’t buy a hundred dollar plus ticket to watch them take a knee, insult my flag, my country and kiss China’s ass!
      We won’t buy their China made shirts shoes nor anything else! Nor…will we buy anything the advertisers on their games produce, when we know it! We will cross the street to buy someone elses. American made!
      This is the definition of their “Inexplicable!”

        1. Let ’em all get on their ONE-WAY Charter Jets to the People’s Paradise….. then let ’em see what happens when they ‘exercise their free speech rights’ over there….. and find out REAL QUICK that….. they DON’T HAVE ANY!

          As for over here in the USA…. these ballplayers haven’t figured out that they are NOT ‘Heroes…. they are Performance Cast Members of an Entertainment company……People Pay to be Entertained…. Insult your Audience and they Leave….. and they Take their Money WITH THEM!

      1. Inexplicable? Helllooooo is anyone home in the Headline Department? Of course that gets you off Assuming w NBA, perhaps I don’t blame you. It’s cool, we can Comment “Explicable”. since they are FUBAR. So, dudes, how is this helping? The only change to what is non-existent racism, is the completely successful campaign to implode yourselves. Go for it. Don’t play. Move to China, where the CCP will praise you and you can take jerseys and Nike’s to the Muslim Internment Camps, and the sites where the Churches and crosses were burned. This terrible, biased, oppressive Country will not give you a second thought. Well except for the Marxists who will put posters of you on the plywood covering the mob broken windows.

    5. There are multiple reasons for the lack of viewership in my opinion (In no particular order) 1) Lack of fans in the arena just looks and feels strange 2)The multi-month gap makes me feel like this was a forced end to a season that already felt over. 3) Some people have major or minor problems with the BLM all over the court. I’m only annoyed about the players not having their actual name on the back of the jerseys it is like XFL version 1 combined with BLM. 4) It may be better to stop playing the National Anthem (especially when there aren’t any fans in the arena). 5) They have done much better than MLB, but some feel neither will end successfully.

    6. You new here? were referring to individual games. they involve two teams, make all the excuses you want, this is lebrons and his communist buddies. you guys will go to any length to ensure you get free shit and maybe wont have to work.

    7. NBA & ESPN are trying to stuff BLK etc down my throat. Players need to shut the hell up about politics. Because of a crappy product and being hypocritical this 50 year fan of NBA will never watch another game. I turn ESPN off too. Go to hell and go live in China

      1. So true. These guys are not basketball players, they are playground chuckers. I used to just watch a few minutes when nothing was on. Now ? Law and Order reruns. And you gotta take those with a grain of salt.

    8. Many of the NBA superstars who are very rich, privileged, celebrities seem to be coming out with this uncovered resentment for people who are a different color than them. There’s allot wrong with the messaging from BLM right now, so for a league and its players to paste the name of that entity on its floor without doing its homework and understanding the name alone is not what is happening out there is a gross mismanagement of their brand. Right now the NBA looks like it supports violence and mob rule mentality. Its a bad look.

    9. If me it’s not about fans no fans it’s about load management 4 months off still load management. The picks are over the place bucks clippers blazers. According to Charles Barkley. Portland nba finals

    10. I find the BLM riots, burning and looting more interesting than an NBA game! I’ll not be watching the NBA until the BLM riots and looting stops. If I have to have left wing politics shoved down my throat I’ll choose another venue.

      1. No sh*t They are giving the middle finger to anyone that is not black. I started watching the lakers the year after ElginBaylor Retired. They threw me and every white fan away. I will never watch another NBA game again.

      2. I have watched my last NBA game as well as my last NFL game. I will no longer be scolded or lectured to by an organization so full of cons and poor role models

  1. “Ratings Continue To Be Inexplicably Low”

    How about most Americans are not interested in millionaire cry babies making their money off slave labor sneakers and jerseys from Totalitarian / virus spreading CHINA, while they defecate on cops, military and our flag.

    I boycott EVERY TEAM from ANY LEAGUE that promotes BLM / kneeling or licks the rear end of China.

    Hey BUDWEISER, you getting the message? PULL YOUR ADS or we stop buying your beer.

    1. Nothing like watching the richest of society call you racists based on your immutable characteristics while they support a movement who is claiming Marxist ideology and approving of the rioting and looting. Nobody watches sports to have a bunch of politics shoved in their face. Boycotting this shit. The league has gone downhill anyway.

    2. We here enough of daily politics. Turning on my TV to see “BLACK LIVES MATTER” painted on the court floor really was the last straw for me. Then having players run up and down the court with “EQUALITY” on their backs just really did me in. I’ve had it, good luck NBA!

    3. Exactly right. Make a list of all products advertised on NBA games and never buy those products again.
      There are enough kinds of beer, snack products, automobiles, car insurance that you can choose one that doesn’t advertise on NBA. Make the advertisers feel it, and they will stop funding these overpaid,
      undereducated louts. When the money disappears, maybe these clowns will really be “woke.”

  2. “Inexplicably” ??? You’re joking, right? Who wants to watch a bunch of overpaid “men-children” play a child’s game and tell us how racist we all are? I’m guessing nobody. The NFL tried this a few years back, how’d that work out? Not very well, they had to “walk it back” since they lost their audience. This is a redux, only the spectators won’t be back this tuimne.

  3. The NBA supporting a racist organization is enough to drive us away from the sport, but factor in their relationship with China and this is what you get. There are no mysteries here.

  4. Are you really that dense as a sports writer? They have destroyed themselves with their selling the US out for China and and promoting racism & political correctness, anti-American values by partnering with the domestic terror/Marxist group, blm. Americans have had enough and we’re giving our money to these spoiled beta boys any longer. The nfl is in the same boat. They destroyed themselves. Good luck with playoff viewership.

    1. That’s pretty much right in my opinion. I really don’t feel like supporting them with my viewership/ratings or financially. Not going to call it a boycott, just good judgement.

  5. Will you compare it to Sunday night baseball???
    Indians-White Sox averaged a 0.51 rating and 802,000 viewers on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball over the weekend, down 34% in ratings and 35% in viewership from the third Sunday night game last season (4/13/19 Mets-Braves: 0.8, 1.23M) and down 40% and 39% respectively from the same August weekend last year (8/11/19 Phillies-Giants: 0.85, 1.31M).

    Figures do not include rain delay coverage (0.43, 664K) or the brief, 2-minute resumption of play that followed (0.45, 658K).

    Earlier in the day, TBS averaged a 0.15 and 232,000 for Braves-Phillies — down 44% in both measures from its third window last season (7/21/19 Rockies-Yankees: 0.27, 416K) and down 48% and 44% respectively from the same weekend last year (8/11/19 Angels-Red Sox: 0.29, 417K).

    Finally, ESPN averaged 445,000 for Giants-Astros on Monday, trailing all of its Monday Night Baseball telecasts last season.

  6. This has to be the stupidest article of all time. “Inexplicably Low”, are you kidding me…..

    Most of the people who are leaving comments are spot on. It’s actually how i got to this article, I was curious how the tone-deaf sports world was faring now that people like me have totally tuned out. There are at least two sides to every story, why doesn’t the NBA/BLM/Left take 5 mins a day and look at things from another perspective. Afraid they aren’t as smart and correct as they believed they were?

  7. I am simply not going to watch a form of entertainment that chooses to attack me and a country I am proud of. I disagree with the NBA players but would fight to the death to defend their right to insult me.

  8. Hey moron… Real Americans aren’t watching these BLM rallies that are disguised as “Pro Sports.” Get woke, go broke. Stop with the political bullshit and the ratings will go back up.

  9. Slave labor scum judging us ESPN thinks a bunch of sjws made them what they were.
    There was a time when we all checked with them when we got up and when we went to bed.
    I guess when Chappelle visit Lebron he wipes his feet on a door mat made of children that look like his and he does not care.

  10. Pro athletes are about to learn who really signs those big paychecks. The NBA in particular seems to think their entire audience is black and urban. My Dad refereed basketball for 20 years and loved the game-he even had ABA season tickets back in the day. I promise you he’s rolling in his grave at what passes for sportsmanship today. In the end, pro sports are entertainment in the same way movies, theater or going to Vegas. When people feel they are being forced to swallow someone else’s opinions as part of the game, it is no longer fun. I have plenty of other ways to spend my time and money. As I told MSL online tonight, after seeing both Dallas and Nashville teams take a knee-you have a small opportunity in this economy to make a profit. People have less money to spend and pro athletes are looking more like the one percenters than anyone who has ever been oppressed.

  11. The NBA ratings aren’t “inexplicably” low, at all. Americans are fed up with anti-American haters in pro sports kneeling to disrespect our flag and anthem and supporting racist terrorist groups like BLM/Antifa.

  12. “Inexplicably Low” Are you really scratching your head that “AMERICANS” are not tuning into watching a bunch overpaid racists kneel and disrespect the country and people who pay their salaries. I have a great idea. Pack up your crap, your attitude, and take as many bla and antifa terrorists with you to China and don’t let the countries door smack you on the butt on the way out.

  13. Th ultra leftist media would never create a headline that casts BLM as negative in any way. The NBA is in bed with a marxist, terrorist group and will continue to pay the price with very low TV ratings, and very low attendance when fans (what fans are left) are able to return. The situation with China only adds to their problems. I’d been a Utah Jazz fan for 34 years, and haven’t watched a single game this season, and never will again. I honestly don’t miss it. And I’ve watched every Raiders game since 1970, and since the NFL will adapt the same nonsense as the NBA this season, goodbye (Las Vegas) Raiders….

  14. It’s definitely “explicable”. Your hypocritical woke social justice man children telling me I should be ashamed of the color of my skin while enriching themselves off slave labor of children in third world countries while supporting an avowed black supremacist organization and a domestic terrorist organization. Screw the NBA.

  15. Your kidding right? Not attributed to any political aspect? We haven’t had an overkill of sports, we’ve had 0 sport for 3 months! I suggest sir you pull your head out of the sand…

  16. When the country is in the situation it is in at present and a bunch of “prima dona” rich guys who get millions for playing a game continue to treat the country like shit that gave them the opportunity for their riches, what would you expect their ratings to be???

  17. The NBA needed to come back with playoffs only. No one is interested in this phony play-in format for the lower end teams.

    Superstars are still load managing after being off for months.

    Media keeps telling us, Lakers will ahwn it all.

    I’m not looking for people athletes for social and political advice.

    Put all ganes on free tv.

    Teams are atacked to favor only a few to win it all.

  18. Most actual fans are leaving sports in droves. I’m not here to support political causes that I don’t care for. Also I think someone got suspended for calling someone a faggot in the nhl and that was basically confirming the league was too soft.

  19. move the entire league to china and call it done. poor lebron and his 4th grade mentality can’t quite connect the dots between Trump slamming the NBA, and his 65M followers following suite. still don’t care if any of those people watch, genius? funny how lebronism has killed the nba…

  20. All, I mean all, professional sports have been flushed out of my life. Figureheads like Greg Popoffovich, Colon Kapernick, LeBonehead James have made it easy. College sports are on their way out the door (except them LSU Tigers) and I truly enjoy attending my local high schools games. Five dollar admission, one dollar popcorn, dollar drinks, free parking saves me over a hundred bucks. I recommend you try it.

  21. Inexplicable? Black Lives Matters plastered on the court, NBA approved “socially conscious” messages on the back (how about “Free Hong Kong”), kneeling for the anthem, woke players having to get by on $5-10 million. Used to be a huge fan.. I am out!

  22. They turned the NBA into a glorified Marxist Rally, and liberals are scratching their heads on why ratings are low. I get these are the same people who want to legalize the destruction of public/federal property but wow.

  23. Look at the comments here. 95% say the same thing that the article won’t say. People are tired of this BLM/pro-China political crap and want to watch sports to escape from the toxic political climate. NBA/NFL/MLB need to WAKE up or their golden goose will be permanently impaired. Show some balls and stand up for America or lose 70% of your audience forever.

  24. Very simple solution for this problem. Do away with promoting a far left, racist, and Marxist organization and many viewers (myself included) will return. Sadly, I think there are many fans who will not return since the damage is done, but many will. I love basketball and I am itching to watch sports again, which is why viewership being down is even more astounding-but refuse to support any sporting event that pushes a communist narrative down my throat. The NBA pregame ceremony resembles more of a cult-like, infant sacrificing worship session than a basketball opener. Same for the NBA, and I can’t believe I’m saying it….NHL. I don’t care about anyone’s political views, I just want to watch sports again and many others that I know are the same.

  25. The great steak restaurant down the street whose wait staff is mostly vegan and bombards you with reasons you need to support them and will give money from your check to further promote their cause, has inexplicably low customer turnout each night. The media is blaming the low turnout on the new dessert menu.

  26. Inexplicable!! I hugely enjoy watching these amazingly talented players whose enormously hard work has taken them to the pinnacle of athletic achievement. But blatant disrespect for our country based on dubious political claims completely wrecks it. I watch sports to escape and admire, not to have a flawed political message shoved down my throat that does the opposite of help the plight of black communities by selling a message of hopeless victimhood…

  27. I’m DUN with all ” pro ” sports. They have stole our 3 -4 hours to escape reality by dragging politics into the game. NBA by far is the worst of the major 4 sports. Shut up and dribble, hit the ball, shoot the puck, and run the ball. Stop watching, stop buying their merchandise, and delete your ESPN app. Leave politics out of sports.

    1. I am a middle-aged white Aussie man. I love America. You have kept us safe since and during WW2. I thank you.
      I have loved the NBA since Bird, Magic and MJ. But with this unbelievable China hypocrisy, I will never, ever, watch another bounce. I am sure the ethnic minorities in China and the people of Hong Kong would applaud my decision. ALL LIVES MATTER.

  28. Nope. Not watching this garbage. Was a fan, went to games, watched on TV, but not until this socio-political junk is removed. BLM is a marxist-socialist organization, which obviously means anti-capitalist, they support reparations, and defunding the police.
    Get it off the court!

  29. I’ll never watch anything to do with BLM ever. If you are stupid enough not to understand what the marxists are doing and have done for 70 years, you need to study up. Quit being a pawn. Dems/leftist strategy is to infiltrate schools, media, government including courts. Erase history, culture, family and Christianity/God. Erase hard work and responsibility, self-reliance. If sports figures are helping this go down, screw you. You’re already dead and don’t even know it you useful idiots. Hail Stephon Tuitt

  30. May the owners of NBA,NFL,MLB NHL,NASCAR,MLS all choke on it. I look forward to BLM marxists looting and pillaging their homes and cities. May they see the pain and anguish befell upon their families and businesses. Same for their sponsors and news media. Your time is coming. You just don’t know it.

  31. Anyone who laughs at the prospect that politics are not hurting NBA ratings are living in a bubble, no pun intended. To many who have bothered to read the #BLM demands (not ALL NBA fans are 15 year olds with limited attention spans & no money), the lettering on the court might just as well say “F THE POLICE”. Take the time to dig into this organization the league is in bed with. They’re for eliminating cops, dismantling the nuclear family (yes…that’s there), reparations and so on. There is a tipping point where people who bother to dig beneath the ESPN headlines say “no more”. It may only be 15-20% of traditional NBA fans, which has been skewing younger since Jordan retired, but it is enough to make a difference. Not that Adam Silver cares…he’ll still going to get those UES cocktail party invites…assuming Covid & the crime spikes haven’t driven even them out of Manhattan.

  32. No one wants to hear a bunch immature, man-children who make millions to play a game constantly critique the country that allows them to do so, while also being in the pocket of a nation (China) which actually has major human rights abuses and which actively encroaches upon the rights of all its citizens. When you factor in China also being responsible for a worldwide pandemic which has effected many people financially, that adds insult to injury – while also reminding us all how much money these guys make to do something so lacking in any true value or substance. The overall ahistorical nature of BLM and the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative and constant destruction of property and peoples businesses just means that whether the NBA backs down from this stance or not is irrelevant – at least to me – I’m done forever.

  33. I am never watching or attending another NBA game. They have lost me and everyone I know forever, by supporting a vicious Marxist agenda. I will not apologize for being white, and have no interest in supporting Socialism, Police de-funding, closure of jails, looting, burning of buildings, and destroying peoples’ life-long businesses. If these fools can’t take 2 minutes before the game to honor those who died to preserve their freedom (and make their obscene salaries possible), screw them. If you hate it here so much, go to China, and lets see how well you do there.

  34. Those 26% of teams are all utter trash that no one cares about… The only team that people care about is the Warriors but they had G League players playing for them this season

  35. I watch sports to escape from the stress and aggravation of my daily life. Not to have a political agenda rammed down my throat. Judging by the ratings, a fair amount of people feel the same way. Maybe the NBA should explain why they are afraid to say anything about the human rights issues in China, but are more than willing to criticize the country that’s made them all rich. The only thing that matters is money. Maybe things will change once the American fan gets smart and stops supporting these ungrateful, spoiled professional athletes.

  36. Mike K

    Part of me misses watching basketball. I used to be a LeBron James fan but not really anymore. It is a shame what happen to George Floyd, but the peaceful protests has turned into anarchy and this destroyed any progress that might have been made to unite people. I am not crazy about voting for either party this fall, but the Democrats have moved so far left they are nearly communists. Sorry I am not supporting that type of madness! As for the NBA players, they speak out repeatedly against this country, but have no words for the communists in China, who oppress many of their own citizens…such hypocrites…Sorry guys if you think this country sucks so much…I think this country is still great and I am proud to be an American!

  37. I love my country more than sports. That simple, you hate the country that gave you the freedom to play a game and piss on the flag and the sacrifice of those who keep us safe on our streets and in far way hills and holes- you can go to hell. NBA, MLB, MLS, Women’s soccer- go screw yourselves. Seriously, you don’t deserve the freedom given to you. Defund all sports who hate this country, love Chinese money more than the USA. We see you losers.

  38. viewership in all sports has gone down cause they all shot themselves in the foot by supporting a marxist organization that supports taking of other peoples property, looting to get what you “need” and stealing items to sell them so you can have “bread”.

  39. Charles Kruger the ratings are inexplicably low ?.what a paragon of intelligence he is right on the pulse of sports …lets go ask LeBron that leader of social justice comments..what a cluless society we live in they truly don’t get it …amazing maybe just maybe they might want to reconsider removing any identification with that non violent very non racist and embraced by less than 20 % of our population BLM…na Chuck won’t get it hes to smart for all of us……

  40. Never watching these overpaid pieces of shit play again. Lebron James is the biggest slave owner alive. Think about all the children in China slaving there asses off in sweat factories to pay for his Mega Million Nike Contract! Think about that! He obviously does not care!

  41. Lol! ‘Inexplicably low’????? Who are you Kidding! Let me give you a hint. People don’t want to see a bunch of politicking, whiney millionaires disrespecting this country which has given them so much over A FAKE SOCIAL JUSTICE SOCIALIST MOVEMENT ‘BLM’ WHICH KILLS BLACK PEOPLE AND CHILDREN. Where does their money go huh? Helping black poeple? I dont think so. What a joke article.

  42. This article shows just how strong the power of denial can be. Did the author write this with a straight face, and if so, how? I am just another fan of the game for almost 4 decades who who just this season made a promise to myself and my family never to watch a group of spoiled and wealthy children in adult bodies prance around shlitting on our flag. Meanwhile, the REAL tragedies, such as the fact that they ignore or support policies and a party which has ledmore babies are aborted than born in NYC today, and ignore or contribute to the sad truth that 77 percent of african american babies are born out of wedlock and therefore have very little chance to succeed in society today. Not to mention and the known FACT that they defend and accept billions worth of money and manufactured from china, which not only enslaved but live-harvested organs of tens of thousands of minorities that make their Nike shoes.

    1. Sorry to have to say this, but yes, they are victims of their own culture.”Before you take the splinter out of someones eye, take the two by four out of yours”

  43. Here is the explanation for you – condoning and promoting that taking a knee and disrespecting the American flag during the national anthem is the NEW NORMAL does NOT fly with the silent majority and this is the proof. MLB, on the other hand, is a different story. I, myself, have stopped watching the NBA for this reason even though my team is in the playoffs.

  44. BlM claims looting is repetitions for slavery, our citie boarded up and shut down during there riots and were supposed to watch a game with a blm logo. Lifelong fan have not watched 1 second, will not watch 1 second. BLM is a criminal organization

  45. Q. Why doesn’t the league to a survey of people that stopped watching? Like “How much has your viewing declined for NBA games. A. It has increased. B declined 25%, C 50% D 75%. E. Stopped watching altogether.” Then Ask “Why has your viewing declined? (Strongly agree to strongly disagree). a. I am too busy. b. I don’t like the politics allowed in the games now. C. Games see without audiences and the silly props. d. Other (fill in answer)
    I would bet that the NBA doesn’t want to hear it. Too interested in getting a China deal. Let’s see if they can get away with the politics pandering over there! #NOT

  46. Inexplicably? There’s not inexplicable about it. Only one professional sport did not join in on the social justice, black lives matter shame fest. Golf. Golf is now attracting more television viewers than the NBA and MLB. Will the NFL learn from this? Will ESPN? Probably not.

    1. I don’t know why these networks And sports are behind the BLM. It makes no sense to me, people with jobs are the ones that pay their salaries because we buy the products that they advertise instead of looting those stores and starting them on fire

  47. Absolutely right, never will I support a sport that supports a COMMUNIST region and ideology ove The Country that made them MILLIONAIRES. Hate the NBA.

  48. The Snowflake stuff has gotten old very quickly. LeBron, “Democracy isn’t always a good thing” James is such a pathetic crybaby. I’m out as a fan of every Pro Sport. For anyone on the fence it is a feeling of great freedom.

  49. I am the captain of a boat that just struck an iceberg. What a loud noise that was and water is up to my ankles….my first mates yells, “Captain, I feel we are sinking!” I reply, “Oh you do, do you know why?” The first mate answers, “Well, I think the latrine might be stopped up.” Relieved, I order my crew to get a plunger and fix it.

  50. As long as LeBron is in the NBA I mean the LBA, the ratings will continue to plummet. I personally will never watch another game and hope that the MLS will be more popular than the NBA in the near future. These guys will be bagging groceries soon

  51. I will never watch another NBA game. Please stop pretending you don’t know why. People have turned liberal politics into some sort of
    secular faith and it’s really sad. I will never support anything that undermines our institutions, supports anarchy in the streets, and thinks the long failed history of communism is the answer. Instead I’m going to do what a much larger percentage of a particular ethnic groups fathers should be doing… spending time with my family.

  52. GTFO with that stupid shit. No one that really loves basketball agrees with you bigoted bitch ass. I’m proud of the NBA for taking a stand. The unspoken truth is most of the people on the internet bitching about how they will never watch again probably didn’t watch in the first place and just like the raw raw. How about you go back to bitching about how your food order isn’t right Karen. Oh, and fuck Pablo and Kyle too.

  53. Your true colors come out LeBron. Your a racist. To see a bunch of Millionaires try to divide our Nation because they never were taught History in School makes smart people see you for what you Pro Athletes have become. Pro-Socialist. Pro-Kneelers. ESPN, NBA, NFL HAS BECOME ANTI AMERICAN. WE ARE NOT SAD THAT YOU DON’T CARE IF WE WATCH. WE ARE SAD YOUR A LOSER.

  54. No more NBA or Nike for me. Read about the Muslim Uyghurs in China. Sterilized and forced into work camps to make Nike shoes, but the NBA is silent. But they won’t shut up about how much they hate America and love domestic terrorists.

    LeBron is a fool and a stooge. Same as Steph. They should just move the league to China.

  55. They are losing me as a fan. I grew up loving sports and playing sports but they don’t care what I believe in they only care about what they believe in and I could care a less about politics when I tune to sports. So for that reason my tv won’t show sports and also won’t be buying the video games no more either. It’s sad that I have to listen to the political views by these idiots that know nothing but supporting someone that had the same color of skin as them. They just hate trump because he is a better president then Obama ever was! For this reason sports will continue to lose views until these stupid sport owners put a end to politics in the game.

  56. Inexplicable? Keep politics out of the game. Sin is the problem. BLM is a product of sinful men full of the same kind of hate they protest. Won’t be watching until they respect America.

  57. Let’s start calling out corporate America who support BLM and the democrats. Now I know how much Americans love “American” made stuff, especially the automotive industry, but please remind yourself every time you buy a “American made” car/truck (if it wasn’t imported from Mexico) that you are literally donating thousands of dollars to the DNC!!!!! I drive a Toyota Tundra, 92% made in America by Right to Work states like Texas and others where my truck is made and assembled. And to boot, I have 300k miles on it, runs awesome and very few major repairs. And I’m supporting right to work employees, not union thugs and their huge salaries and cushy benefits they get for free on the broken backs of the workers they “support”. Unions are the biggest sham nowadays, not what they used to be or represent…

    1. For all who say they will return when the NBA stops with the BLM political BS – remember, they have shown their true colors. Don’t be conned. The NBA is an anti-American, racist, Marxist, China supporting organization. Every dollar you spend on any NBA product (TV, Online, Tickets, or Merchandise) goes to support their anti-American evil agenda. Don’t do it!!!

  58. ‘Inexplicably low?’ It’s not unexplainable, I promise you that. They’re kneeling four our national anthem – and we’re sick of it! We’re not going to support people who don’t respect America. We’re done with all this BLM crap, and we’re showing it. They need to (as has been said before) shut up and play basketball – no one cares what their politics. And no, LeBron, you absolutely do not mean too much to society to shut up and dribble. America is waking up and seeing BLM for what it actually is, and we’re done with it.

    Also, may I just say this comments section is awesome… love my fellow Americans!

  59. Lol, look at all these crybabies! The writing is on the wall, it’s just that most refuse to see it. USA is over guys, it has reached the nadir and now it is on the steady decline. You had a good run. Learn Mandarin.

  60. Lakers fan my entire life. Not this year. Sorry but LeBron has ruined it for me. He thinks he can speak for the whole league. I think not. Such a pompous Trump hating racist. Sad because my team will be in the finals this year & may win yet I won’t be watching.

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