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Mike Wilbon Bashes Nebraska For Liking College Football

Mike Wilbon Bashes Nebraska For Liking College Football

Mike Wilbon Bashes Nebraska For Liking College Football

Mike Wilbon took serious offense to Nebraska’s desire to play college football in 2020-21 regardless of what the Big Ten decides to do.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Big Ten came out and officially suspended athletics for the Fall. The move was completely expected, based on what had transpired this past weekend.

“Because we announced a schedule does not mean we’re going to play,” Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said.

“As you gather information on a daily basis, that’s what day-to-day is. We have to still plan. By organizing schedules and making announcements, we made it very clear — I thought I was very clear in that it’s a day-to-day decision, and we’re going to do what’s best for the health and wellness of our student-athletes.”

With their conference signaling for several days that it had little interest in restarting athletics in the Fall, Nebraska’s football program remained outspoken in its desire to move forward.

Head coach Scott Frost, school president Ted Carter and chancellor Ronnie Green released a statement expressing an optimism that Nebraska would be able to play football somewhere this year.

“We are very disappointed in the decision by the Big Ten Conference to postpone the fall football season, as we have been and continue to be ready to play,” the statement read.

“We will continue to consult with medical experts and evaluate the situation as it emerges. We hope it may be possible for our student athletes to have the opportunity to compete.”

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Mike Wilbon Is Not A Huskers Fan, Apparently

While Nebraska’s statement seemed fairly harmless, it really ticked off Wilbon for some reason. He did not hide his irritation during Pardon The Interruption.

“I’m going to applaud the presidents for not listening to the likes of people at Nebraska, who are doing the biggest whining,” he ranted.

“The Big Ten has operated for 116 seasons, mostly damn successful without Nebraska, which has been around for the last nine.

“You know what, I hope somebody on that call said to Nebraska’s representatives, even its president, get the hell out. If you want to turn and tuck tail after you received $52 million of guaranteed TV money every year, then go. Go somewhere else.”

Wilbon then specifically turned his sights on the status of Nebraska football.

“What an inflated sense of self the Nebraska football program has that hasn’t done a damn thing in a decade or more,” he continued.

“They’ve done nothing. I hope someone says get out. I understand the football coaches want to play and the players want to play. I want to see them play. But the presidents have to exert something, exercise something that we haven’t seen in the pandemic and that’s leadership.”

At no point during his diatribe did Wilbon explain what precisely was making him so angry.

Nebraska happily resides in the Big Ten so long as the conference is functional. That is why the program receives the money it receives. However, if that conference ceases to operate for a year, it is unclear why the Huskers seeking out a new opportunity is so offensive to the ESPN host.

It is just a bizarre reaction on every level.

One way or another, the college football situation will figure itself out over the next few weeks. Until then, though, expect more nonsensical hot takes from talking heads with bizarrely inflated senses of self-importance.

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